Birds, Holly Berries and Gold

phonegirlDecember 14, 2011

Invited friends down for a roast beef dinner Sunday night and this is the table set. She had given me this cute little Hummel figurine, "The Guardian". I used DM's little drum for the cp and added other musical figurines.

I started with my International Bazaar bird plates. The top plates and matching candle holder were some I picked up this summer while out ys. They are HOME Italy.

I picked up this tc on sale after the Holidays last year. Wish I had more time in my life and I would of made some music wrapped candles. Maybe next year.

TJ has been a good girl and here's her treats to share with friends. Can you believe she got a new cell phone before Christmas? I came across this little phone at work so brought it home for her.LOL They can only call 4 people.


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Roast beef and a nicely set table. Sounds like an evening I'd enjoy!

Love the flatware.

Tell TJ she is NOT to turn the phone on while she's at preschool.

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Lovely t'scape, punk! Your place settings are beautiful in themselves...those bird plates are so elegant & love the Home Italy you've added the JOY candleholder the one you're talking about? It's beautiful!

Your guest must have felt pretty honored to eat at this gorgeous table esp w/her Hummel gift as part of the centerpc...which is just GORGEOUS,'ve added so many wonderful accessories that flow w/the t'cloth...beautiful!

Spoilin' TJ already! Need to post this one on the 'party' thread, too! ;-) Love the table, punk...everything...napkins ...pretty! TFS! Jeanne S.

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It's so great that you were able to work your friend's gift into your tablescape, I know she must have been pleased to see that. Love TJ's little phone. What a spoiled little girl she is going to be! LOL My favorite thing is your pretty dishes, love the bird design. Luvs

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OA, Thanks, I best tell TJ no phone on while she's at preschool.LOL The flatware is Nikko, Happy Holidays I bought at Shopko a couple of years agao.

Jeanne, I've had the JOY candle holders but I was talking about the baby and lamb. I'll post a better picture for you.

Luvs, so glad to see you found time to post. Miss not seeing your posts every day here.

Thanks for all the comments ladies.

This is the Hummel 'The Guardian' from DF.


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So pretty!
Those holly and bird dishes are just so beautiful! I love your layering, but it almost seems like a shame to cover them up with the other pretties.
The little Hummel is darling and TJ looks very happy!


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Very pretty setting Punk...gorgeous dishes and your tablecloth is perfect with them. I love how you layered your dishes and the napkin with the ornament tucked inside the napkin ring is a nice touch and looks lovely.
I agree that it was nice that you added your friend's gift to your tablesetting. The little Hummel 'Guardian' is precious.
Speaking of 'precious'...your little DGDtr is going to start to wonder about TJ getting so many gifts from DGM!! (Her own cell phone)!!.... now that's competition. LOL


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Another beautiful table, and those bird dishes are really wonderful. I wouldn't be able to put a thing on them!! LOL
The centerpiece is so sweet.

HER OWN CELL PHONE??? Sheeesh! I can only imagine what she will have under the tree now to open! LOL. I'm am NOT letting Teegan see this. Of course TJ is the older sis, so maybe I have a few years before I have to worry about phones and stuff.

By the way, your Christmas card came and I cracked up that you said "to Karen, TEEGAN, and family". LOL. Good thing Mr O doesn't bother to read the cards, he might actually stop and wonder WHO the heck Teegan is!(then again,
probably not knowing him). And I loved the pewter ornament you HER! Thank you so much for spoiling the little girl, she is fun to get things for I'm finding out!

hugs, Karen

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I love those birds and holly plates, Punk.
Very pretty table, and Dolly is looking good! :)

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