some of my Christmas decor done

PurplemoonDecember 5, 2010

Well, I went ahead and took photos of the decorations I've finished. Even tho I worked

on it every afternoon, all week, I only got about 2/3rds done.

There's so much I'm not able to put out this year and have had to repack. My "wall tree", 4 small (3 ft-4 ft) table trees, misc little decorations.....and the main thing that I can't display this time is my lovely Mikasa Nativity set along with my collection of china cardinals. Tho maybe I can put a few of them around in other displays. (Last year they were on a shelf in the big china cabinet.)

Because I changed things this year, its been harder to figure out what can be put where.

I definitely like the changes tho. For several years my big purple ornament wreath was over the fireplace mantel (family-room) where Jason's portrait usually is. This time I hung the wreath in the entry way... and am doing all purple there!

I took a mirror from my study and put it over the fireplace and then added my Nutcracker

collection. I'm happy with how this turned out. I've put up three small trees, one in entry way and two in living-room. Right now nothing is finished with them as I've just started sorting thru my ornaments.

I still have to put garland on the living-room mantel. (I hate fluffing garland, and

adding lights. Takes so darn long, and takes patience. LOL. Tho this year I only had

to add lights to my big purple wreath and my cardinal swag. Next year I won't have

to add lights to ANYTHING (I hope)!!! Yay.

Anyway, I put 29 photos of what's done, so far, in my personal 2010 Holiday album.

Photobucket isn't letting me "organize" them the way I want right now. So some pictures are out of sync.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: my holiday album

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Oh boy, you have been a busy elf this week! I'd say you got LOTS accomplished! Wow!

Am loving your kitchen countertop with your festive cookie jars! That cardinal display is so darn cute...plates are perfect with it! & I like how you used the glass domes in that display, too!

Be still my heart, your "Woodland Santas & tree"...what a lovely memoir from your friend...I would love to find that tall Santa!

Your g'ma's little table is a keepsake...I love how you added that lit ornie tree & another Santa...precious!

Using the RL pines in the golf display really gave that vignette such personality! ...nice for DH & his love of golf!

The curios of your Mikassa...absolutely gorgeous! Please share a few close-ups later when you done with everything else. I think this collection is so elegant...& your beautiful home is perfect! The white & gold ceramic deer are lovely in the small alcove by MB.

Your chef Santa's are delightful! What fun to spot them in your kitchen!

And now I am drooling over the mercury glass deer on your sideboard...liking the purple/silver combo you are using there.

My goodness, woman, I must quit...but I like the change of adding your nutcracker display on the mantle & shelves nearby...TFS all this wonderful holiday magic! Keep posting pics! Love it! Jeanne S.

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I just finished drooling over all of your beautiful decorations. Was wondering if I should of got a note pad and wrote comments on all your beautiful displays only to come back here and Jeanne has said it all for

I paid special attention to your village displays as I'm collecting these for DGD. Now I know I need to buy accessories to go with them. Yours are wonderful and I can't imagine taking all your decorations out of the cabinets and replacing for Christmas.

It's always so fun to see all your displays. I love your new horse.(Jewel) You have so many horses that your gonna have to build a barn for them if you keep collecting.haha

You must of worked your little fanny off to get all this decorating done in the afternoons. You put so much detail into all of it. I LOL when I read those were real boughs in a vase in the golf bag. Wonderful idea.

I noticed alot of blue glass out in your back yard and would love to see more pictures of them next spring if not before.

Everything looks great.


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Thanks, Girls. Jeanne, I think I got the larger Woodland Santa at Michaels one year. They usually have a lot of neat Santas. Last year I grouped most all of mine on a table that was in the entry way before I got the sideboard.

I'll take close-ups of the Mikasa in the curios when I take more photos. Tho its all pictured individually in my Collections album if you want to see it better.

Emptying 4 curios wasn't too bad, there were around 50 or so greyhound statues in them. But the big cabinet where my Village is...boy, that's another matter. I have over 100 of Painted Pony figurines in it, and can only carry 3 at time safely. So a lot of trips to move them to the pantry shelves where the village boxes were.

The neighbor behind me has a huge ol' pine tree that hangs way over into my backyard, so I have an endless supply of little pinecones for Christmas decorating. I saw on a blog where cut pine boughs lasted fine in water, so
figured they'd be perfect for those golfers. LOL.

Punk, I love cobalt glass in my Garden Junkin'. I gathered most of it into the center area of my backyard.
My Blue Garden. LOL. I bought a bottle tree stand from Collections Etc a few years ago. Here it is, and some of my totems I made.

hugs, Karen

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Gee Karen, Your house looks fantastic! There's so much to look at, I'll have to go back again & again to see everything!
I love how you displayed your village. I hope to get started on mine this week. Your Santas are great. The Chef Santas are too cute. Your blue garden is so pretty. It must really sparkle in the sun.

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Wow! Karen, you are the Queen of Christmas vignetttes! You've been a super busy gal too.

I love all the detail items in your village displays. I kept going back checking out the fence, what's behind the fence, and all the other little details. You did a really nice job arranging it all.

Your horses are so graceful and are painted so nicely. Each one is a work of art all by itself. I like the change of the mirror over the mantel and the nutcracker displays there. Your collection is multiplying for sure. I've been noticing allot of them in the stores this year.

The Santa Chefs look great displayed together on the fridge. The little fairy is right there so she can taste all their creations, right? lol

The cookie jar display looks great, and the plates behind go so well with them too.

Always love your window, you've added some more pretty jars to your collection this year too haven't you? That's a perfect place for them.

Well, I know you are not done. Wanna know how I know? No BOTP shot and we haven't seen the little cloche with Oliva's bunny yet. ;o)

You've done a fantastic job of displaying everything, it all looks wonderful.


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WOWEEEEE have been a busy little bee!!!
It's lookin' GREAAAAAT!

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Your display of collections never ceases to amaze me, beautiful. I love how you used the placemats in the kitchen to do the cookie jar vignettes and the cardinals are my favorite. The display of horses with the red walls is so lovely, I can't believe how much I love horses, now. The jars look nice in the windows too. You really have gotten a lot done and it's all perfect. You inspired me to empty my curio cabinets of all my blue and green glassware and display my vintage Santas and Christmas figurines, it's the first time I've done this, I'll try to get some pix posted soon.

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My favorites go all the way back to your Easter pics! I was not on the forum last Easter. Your Victorian Bunnies vinette is beautiful. On your Halloween, I LOVED the Dracula nutcracker vinette, also the Halloween bay window. Now, for Christmas: those Breyer horses are great! I never thought of displaying them like that. And you have a santa with a reindeer- what brand, kind of reindeer, do you know? I couldn't see him close enough. I think I could easily collect reindeer.....

Thanks for all the work to show us those. Pat

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What a beautiful christmas home you have. Loved all the pictures. I'm just pooped looking at all the work you've done. Nancy

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Wow, you have been a busy lady! Love the woodland Santa, and all the displays! You are way ahead of me, I am very late this year. First being sick, then getting everything for the party done!
I may just have to look at yours and not do mine!

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First of all Karen, I'm always in awe of your beautiful collections, but what I can't get over, is how quickly you set up your decorations and they all look so well planned.
You are so way ahead of me...I'm taking breaks in between each job I finish. After seeing what you've accomplished already...I feel I'd better stop those 'breaks'! lol
I just love your pony collection and I think the way you set up your mantel with the 'Nutcrackers' >> I think I got it right this time...looks lovely.
I also like how you display your Christmas Village. They fit perfectly in that china cabinet. Now 'That' job is quite an undertaking.
I can relate to changing things around, and not finding where to put things because of that. I did a little of that too this year, and found the same problem. I left things in the boxes too. It's so easy when you're used to setting things up the same way each year, it becomes a no brainer. However, this year, my brain is confused on the changes.. lol


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"However, this year, my brain is confused on the changes"
Yep Jane, that pretty well sums mine up too. LOL.

I don't feel like I got things set up quickly at all. The Village took me several days cause my legs and back didn't like all the bending and kneeling. I tried to get it up before Thanksgiving. Then I worked afternoons on the rest.
I actually did some pre-planning thanks to a lot of sleepless nights. Since I was laying in bed tossing and turning, I decided to decorate "in my head". Weeks ago.
So I definitely had the Nutcracker convention, LOL, pictured as done. And the entry way with my purple stuff.
But I've got a large end table in the family-room and my living-room mantel that are giving me fits as to what to do with them!?? Along with 9 more bins of decorations to sort thru and see what I can use! I am repacking so much
this time tho. Kind of sad, I really love my Christmas decorations. But I am having to let the Fibro win a few rounds and not push to do everything I wanted to do.
(Grrrrrrr. This does not make me a happy person. The only thing my body and I agree on is that we HATE each other.)

hugs, Karen

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