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shaddy101March 29, 2014

I am under the impression, no matter where I get my info from, and have it on the machine, if has a virus, will attach to the computer regardless. This poster from a yarn forum seems to think differently, can someone tell me what is really correct? I am puzzled to say the least.

Excerpt from the conversation, need clarification please?

"First off, I save a picture of what I want to find to my computer, usually to the desktop. Then what I always try to do when I have a picture, but no info on it, is to use "google search by image". Just type that in google, follow instructions and give it a try. It should open a google page, look to the right of where you would type in your search need. Click on the little camera image. Attach the picture and search. If you're lucky, it will get you where you want to go!

You don't have to save the picture before doing a Google Images search. If you open a new tab for Google Images then you can just drag the picture from the original post to the tab for Google Images and drop in the search box. "This is a safer way to do it. If you save an image to your computer you risk catching a virus, worm, or other infection to your computer that may have been embedded in the original poster computer or whose ever computer they may have saved the image from".

This also has me curious, I am under the impression, no matter where your "stuff" comes from on your computer, once it is in there, your virus can come. In other words, whether or not I save to my desktop for the search, when I enter the pic into the google search, also on my desktop, I can still get an infection, Correct me if I am wrong? If this doesn't occur, then seems a miracle to me. Why would it be any different?
Inquiring minds...

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My understanding is .jpg or .tiff files do not carry viruses. Correct me if I'm wrong.

If she thinks saving any infected file to the desktop is somehow safer, nope. But a good up-to-date anti virus program should catch infected files.

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I was not aware of that, about JPG or picture files, would be grateful if others would chime in on this matter, others always make it interesting.

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There are many thousands of malicious web sites created specifically to infect your computer. If you visit one, you could get infected. Also, legitimate web sites do get hacked by criminals. If you visit one, you could get infected. This is why having up-to-date antivirus & anti-malware protection and doing regular scans is so important. Once your computer is infected, you could become vulnerable to additional attacks.

I myself wouldn't save images found through a Google search. Why? Because the criminals know that this is how most people look for cute pics they want to save and that they are eager to find and save them without thinking. You might think you're saving an image when you might actually be saving an executable (.exe) file that will infect you when it is run.

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When an image has been saved from the internet it becomes quite easy right click on it and in the pop up menu select to scan with whatever safety program one has installed on the computer.

Those who use WOT (Web of Trust) will also be aware of whether the image is safe or not by the green, orange or red WOT icon.

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I save wallpaper images from the net all the time, it is a hobby of mine, I have hundreds on my PC. I have not had a problem doing that. I did get a couple of trojans when I set up my new laptop. I used a site I was not familiar with. Malwarebytes took care of it. I have not had a virus in years, lots of years.

My Sis sent me snowman photos from the net in almost every email this winter and she's not had a problem either.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

I don't know much/anything about exploits, or how to design a buffer overflow that takes advantage of a venerability in a specific viewer/indexer/thumbnail generater/whatever but I would guess that it would have less chance of making contact with its target if you only viewed it in the browser? Perhaps if downloaded to the Desktop, or a "Downloads" folder, it might get indexed, or a thumbnail generated, and in the process, the payload containing meta data read in producing an overflow that would write the "data" into an executable area of memory where it would possibly be executed. Perhaps that would NOT occur if confined to the cache directory, and memory? But I'm just guessing, sorry.

Personally, I download images all the time. But I keep my software up to date, and assume the odds of running into a zero-day are much too low seriously worry about.

BTW, if you use Google, there are extensions, such as this one that allow you to right-click an image and select "Search Image on Google".

I like to collect scenics from, which I won't link because it scrapes 4chan, so in addition to beautiful high resolution scenics, there's a lot of garbage to wade through, sometimes even porn.

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thank you for the responses, guess I will stick to the way I have been, always have virus protection, regardless of what I do.
Appreciate the feedback.

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