Christmas lights won't stay lit

patrice607December 16, 2013

We have six strands of icicle lights. They worked fine for a week, now they won't stay on. We have 3 strands on one extension cord and 3 on the other. They trip the GFI reset button. We are in snowy Chicago. Any suggestions???

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It might be the extension cord, I would use a surge suppressor strip, that should stop the tripping of your GFI. Maybe someone with more experience can give you better advice.

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We'll try that. Thanks!

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DH had to do away with our GFI plug in to keep all of our outdoor lights working. We also have ten expensive cluster light sets that always blows the fuses in them so I've never really used them. I was going to donate them but DH just direct wired them and they seem to work fine now. He reassured me they would trip the breaker if there was a problem.


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