Standing water in poorly tiled stall shower. Need advice.

k9arleneAugust 7, 2012

My daughter had a leak in the ceiling below her shower stall. The tile guy came, replaced the shower pan, the tile on the shower floor and about 2 feet up the wall of the shower. There's no leak anymore, but instead, after showering, there's standing water almost around the entire perimeter of the stall. The guy said he would "fix" it, but I'd like to know what the proper "fix" is before I let him in the house again. He's already been paid the full amount! Any advice, opinions, help from someone knowledgeable would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.

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Pretty simple. The "Fix" is to remove everything he's done and re-install it properly. Obviously he didn't install the proper slope to the bed. That mudbed needs to come out and be sloped to a minimum of 1/4" per linear foot from the drain to the walls & curb.

There is no "Band Aid" fix here. Anything less is unacceptable.

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Many thanks for your response. Is it necessary to remove the tile from the bottom foot of the wall and install the floor first or can they just remove the floor and reinstall?

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You need to understand that the waterproofing is taken as a "Whole." Much depends on HOW the waterproofing was accomplished. If it's a "Surface Applied Membrane," like Kerdi or Hydroban, you MAY be able to tear out the floor and a row or two of tile and tie the waterproofing in to the wall.

If it's a "conventional" pan, with a preslope, rubber liner and a final slope with a PVC/FHA clamping drain you would need to remove the floor entirely, establish a proper preslope, install a liner and attach it up on the studs, with NO nail penetrations lower than 2" above the curb level and do a final slope to tile upon.

Personally, I like the Schluter "Kerdi" system as it only requires ONE mudbed and the Kerdi material is attached TO the mudbed and the drain. Smooth & clean...doesn't require a preslope or liner and the mudbed never gets wet. The shower dries out much quicker.....but, hey...that's just me.

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