Master bath door replacement advise

piscesgirlAugust 21, 2013

During our master bathroom remodel we needed to have the bathroom door replaced since we were changing the orientation/swing of the door and the old door was quite beat-up.

The rest of the doors in the house are original to our 35 year old house. Nothing fancy. Basic 6 panel smooth (not wood grain) hollow doors.

Our contractor replaced the door with a new 6 panel door and it doesn't match our old 6 panel door or the remaining doors in the bedroom. It is very noticeable (at least to me it is) since the bathroom door is on the same wall as the master closet door...then on the side wall next to the closet door is the entry door.

The issue is the panels are different sizes and the new door's panels are much more ornate. I looked online and I can't seem to find any 6 panel doors that match exactly (not to mention none state the size of the panels...which appears to be the most noticeable difference).

As far as I can tell our options are as follows:
1) Keep the replacement door and live with the fact it doesn't match
2) Replace the closet door as well so at least the two doors on the same wall match, but keep the entry door the original (so it matches the remaining bedroom doors as seen through the hall)
3) Replace all the doors in the house to match the new door
4) Replace the bathroom door and also possibly the closet door with a completely different door style (mirrored door or french door).

Any other options?

I am leaning towards option 4 and replacing both closet and bathroom doors since they are on the same wall.

Thinking either a french door with frosted glass, french door with mirrors rather than glass, or a door with long mirror insert. I am thinking mirrored french doors, but DH likes the frosted glass option but my concern is that you will still see closet clutter and clothing color through the frosted glass door. Is that correct?

I have attached a picture of the type of door I am leaning towards.
Thoughts? Opinions as to what will look best?

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