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casiMarch 28, 2011

I have asked something similar to this but I don't remember the answer. I am at my folks; my Mom passed away this last week and I need to fix her PC so the hired help won't be able to get into her private stuff. How do you fix it so the password memory is gone?


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If you want to change the password you will need to know the old password to do it. Is that what you're wanting to do? What is the operating system installed on this machine?

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It is Windows 7 and I am talking about how the whole PC remembers all the passwords.

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To my knowledge the only password recorded or remembered by windows is the Windows log in password so when you log in windows will of course recognize it. The browser and I speak of Firefox will also store passwords to various sites. To look at these in Firefox, in the browser click Tools > Options > when the options window opens click the Security Tab above, then look for Saved passwords. You should have some option for deletion. Not sure how Internet Explorer does it.

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If this is only needed temporarily why not just shut down and remove the power cord and take it with you or store it elsewhere?

If there is no password to start the computer use this tutorial.

This tutorial will show you how to have the password required when the screensaver is active.

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First of all .. my condolences on your Moms pasting.

As to your computer ... and I speak not as a guru, what is it that your trying to do ... do you still want to access the programs there ?? or do you want to do a complete wipe of the hard drive?

If you have no reason to use her programs then I would suggest a total wipe and if so there are people here who can help with that.

Need to know what it is that you want in the end ...

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Thanks Big Al. My Step Dad still maintains the household and knows nothing about computers. He has hired help that uses the computer when they are here. One of the girls and I both have yahoo mail accounts (I am using IE for browser). When I double click on the user line, both our usernames come up and whichever one I select, the password is already known and is filled in. I can get to her mail and she can get to mine. I don't want to leave her knowing that she can get into my mail. I windows & on one of my machines at home and I have the same thing. Some web sites which require passwords, for example the web site, I don't have to log in and it remembers me whenever I use it. Don't know if I am explaining correctly. I love that when I am at home.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

hired help is using the computer? that is just asking for trouble passwords may be a worry but also you have no idea what kinds of sites they may be going to and so many sites today are just loaded with infections waiting to happen. I never let anyone use my pc, if I do they use a separate account that is a very limited user account where they have no access to the admin functions.
My advice is if you want to let this happen (I would not)
then lock down your admin account with a very very strong non-sense password that is a combo of letters and numbers.
Then create a very limited user account that is for them to use. That way they have no access to any of your passwords.

When email programs do that save the password it was because at some point it or the browser was told to do so that is a very bad idea especially for email. I do not even do that on my own pc.

I assume this is xp? does it have a good valid updated antivirus program on it? does it have a firewall on it?
I would be running some scans on it including malwarebytes if people you do not know have had access to your admin account.

Setup Limited Users in Windows XP

Why use a standard user account instead of an administrator account?

Windows XP: Working With User Accounts - Part 1
that one continues on to part 2 good info there.

when I saw a strong password I mean something like this
The first 3 numbers of your phone number then the first initals of your children or family members things you will remember then add on some of these %$*& so that it is at least 8 characters long and something you will remember but no one else would guess. NEVER use a real word, pet name, or birthday. Get that admin locked down with that kind of password and do not give it to anyone let everyone else use the limited user account.

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Ok, based on what you've said, the answer to your problem is simply to delete the passwords from your browser. What version of Internet Explorer are you using?

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It is IE8. I think I have found what I need. I click on "tools", "internet options" and then delete browsing history. That should fix it. I know what you are saying Raven. I haven't liked it much but these ladies were taking care of my Mom for the past year. Hopefully there will only be 1 now, she is the housekeeper. My step-dad is 88 and he is so indebted to them that the computer is the least of my worries! You would not believe the mess I am leaving here....(he is in Calif. and I'm going back to Missouri). I don't plan on coming back until he passes away. The computer is several years old and has lots of protection on it. I ran a couple scans and it seems to be okay. I am taking her laptop home so that makes me with 4, so I won't need this unit....if it crashes. I just didn't want anyone into my yahoo acct. Thanks everyone.

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Well, hopefully you're good now. Just remember that you should repeat the deletion process each time you finish using the computer while it is at this location.

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