I'm hopelessly obsessed!

luvstocraftDecember 16, 2010

I know, I know, it's time to be thinking about Christmas!

But today on my way to my friend's house I was going past a local GW store and my car just turned right in! When I realized where I was, I figured I might as well go take a quick look, right?

Just look at what was there waiting for me!

Do you see all those ACORNS! Be still my heart! I picked it up, it was priced at $9.99, not a chip on it anywhere.

I tried to walk away mumbling to myself about how I don't even have any white plates except the ones with a fruit design, I don't need to spend the money on myself when I should be buying for other people, where in the world would I store it, etc. etc.

Then I started telling myself maybe it could sit on my dining room table most of the time and just look pretty. I'm tired of the wreath and candle I usually sit there anyway. It's so pretty, and I love ACORNS how can I not take it home?

Then I asked myself the deciding question--what would the gals on the forum tell me to do?????

I immediately grabbed it up and happily headed for the counter to pay for it--got the senior discount too, so only $8.99! From the tags on the bottom, I think it was a very good deal, don't you?

So Merry Christmas to ME! LOL


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Oh Happy Day!!!
Of course we would have told you to buy it!! It totally had your name on it.
How could you even think of walking away?? You would have kicked yourself all the way to Timbuktu and back if you didn't buy it.
It's a chameleon, whatever decor you put around it will make it perfect for the season. Some greenery now and its winter, some fall leaves and its fall, some Easter grass and its Easter. Just plain and it is a pefect centerpiece.
Merry Christmas to you, Merry Christmas to you!!

In my family we actually purchase things we really want and then go "shopping" at each others house for gifts. That way the recipient gets something they really want, no returns after the holiday, and the recipient does not know what package it will be in. I know it is too practical for some people, but it works for us.

Tis the season to be nice to yourself. Enjoy your new tureen.

Way to go girl!!


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Oh wow, that is absolutely beautiful, luvs! Was thinking the same thing as candy said above, it's versatile...you can have it out right now...some of your pretty red berries around it would look good! What a bargain! Yup, had your name on it! TFS!
Jeanne S.

ps At TJMaxx today, I about came home with another nutcracker! (I've had 2 for many yrs but seeing all these wonderful vignettes on here, it almost happened)...well, we'll see if it's still there my next trip. LOL!

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THAT is a nice looking tureen. I think what we all like about tureens is that they are like sculpture. Lots of curves and thingies, and any time you can have acorns, well.... what else can I say? I am one of those people too. You will have so much fun making up new tablescapes with that one. I am surprised that piece made it to the shelf.


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That is a fantastic find! Its such a beautiful piece and you will get a lot of 'decorating use' out of it. I'm amazed you found that at GW, I think Santa must've planned this one!


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That is wonderful! I love the acorns!

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Luvs, can't think of any tureen that would be more perfect for you. So glad you turned in and found this beauty. I think you got a great deal!


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It's gorgeous! I'm glad that you didn't pass it by and I know you'll be, too . . . and for such a great price! If you ever do get tired of it, please put me first on your list to sell it to ;^D

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It was meant to be yours...so stop worrying and enjoy it. Very beautiful, and the joy it brings you is worth every penny! Fill it with greens and pine cones, and use it for Cmas!

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