IPhone pics always upside down...

jane__nyMarch 5, 2013

IPhone is the only 'Apple' I use and use the camera often. Many times when I post a photo it is upside down. I have used Microsoft Picture Manager to rotate it properly, but when I post the photo it shows upside down.

On the Apple forum they blame Microsoft for not reading some tag. Whatever.....does anyone else run into this? I miss my Blackberry.

Thanks as always,

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If your posted photos are always upside down, I have a guaranteed solution. The next time you're about to snap a photo that you'll want to post:

1) Prepare to take the photo and hold your phone the way you normally do

2) Pause for a moment and rotate the camera 180 degrees

3) Take the photo. You'll find when you post it, it's not upside down.

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Hi Jane,

Is there anything here that helps...


Here is a link that might be useful: does-my-iphone-take-upside-down-photos

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Thanks for the links Zep. I did check those and that's where they talk about tags which Windows doesn't read. The recommendation is to use Picassa which I don't know how to use to post photos here.

Snidely, I have tried that many times. It doesn't work. It seems the way the picture comes into the computer is 'willy-nilly.' Sometimes its correct, other times its sideways or upside-down. Even when I correct using MS Photo Editor, it doesn't correct the problem. The photo looks right on Photo Editior, but when I bring it into GW, it rotates again. Very weird, I've never had this happen before.

I'll have to learn Picassa.


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Just wanted to say thanks for the info given. The only fix I could find was to use Picasa. I load the photos and they are automatically straightened. Then I 'save' to My Pic Folder and they are correct. Its a pain, but I agree, Apple needs to fix this.


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