OT...I'm Back...I'm Tired...But Happy My Decorating Is All Done!

slinkeyDecember 5, 2011

Hi Everyone...

been MIA for about a week. I've been getting my house ready for a Family Christmas Reunion which was Saturday.

We put up three Christmas trees...decorated the front door and outside porch hutch...DH did a new layout for his Christmas Village...and I finished all other house decorations right up to the final hour!! Not to mention shopping for the party - putting together goodie bags for old and young and also getting an ornament for our 'Christmas Tree Ornament Grab Bag' !!

There were 35 of us this year. We're all spread out in NY/NJ and CT...and don't get to see ea other that often - So it was a really nice seeing everyone and catching up.

My oldest DGSon stayed over Sunday and wanted to go to the Mall in Danbury..that's the last thing DH & I had strength to do...but we NEVER can say no to him!!

So, today, DH & I spent the day recovering from our aches and pains!!

I know I probably missed lots of exciting things here...and will try to catch up as best I can.

It's good to be back...and I'll be posting pictures soon.

Hope everyone is well..


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35, WOW, jane! That's quite a Christmas reunion! Wonderful!!! & to get some extra quality time w/ DGS, too...shopping or not!

We just got home from 4 days of taking care of gr'kids in Western IA...was wonderful, of course, very tiring ...no wonder God gave us kids when we were much younger! ;-)

Looking forward to your pics...I'm kind of waa-y behind...but it's ok...I'll do what I can & post more pics...I have about 3 posts that you haven't seen ...on 'porch' progress mostly...had fun! That was done before the gr'kids trip! Jeanne S.

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Wow Jane, I am tired just reading about what all you did!
Sounds like a wonderful time and lots of work and effort on your part. What a large group to entertain!

So nice that your DH helps you with the decorating.

Mine does not help with the inside at all. I carry everything up from the basement including the trees, all the boxes, ladders, etc.
The only thing he does outside is put a blow mold Santa on our mailbox, although this year, he did run an extension cord from the backyard for some of the lights as they kept tripping the breaker this year! Again, getting everything down out of the rafters, off of the shelves, and put up is up to me! Sorry, I just needed to vent a little. I get a bit envious when I hear of other DH's that help with decorating.

Anyway, looking forward to your pix.


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Jane...so much work, but also sounds like so much FUN! That is a big family reunion. I am sure you were wiped out when it was all over, and then having to go to a mall.
WOW, you are definitely a good grandma. (LOL,I'd have handed him the keys and a map. No matter what his age!)
I hope you can relax a bit, and your aches 'n pains are
not too awful.

I can't wait to see your decorations, especially the 3 trees and your DH's village!! He does the neatest Village set-up. Bet he enjoyed trying a new lay-out this year!

Candy, is your DH related to Mr O.? Definitely sounds like it with the golf and the lack of help-genes! They firmly believe if its our idea, then WE should do it.

hugs, Karen

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Jane, I'm tired just reading about what you've done.
Looking forward to seeing Pictures when you're rested.

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jane...I just had to post on here again that today I did find a bargain on the 3 remote control candles packaged tog! Went Christmas shopping w/some friends ...I always take lots of coupons ...& at Bed, Bath & Beyond they had the 3 diff size 'white' remote candles for $14.99 Sarah Peyton 'Home' brand & I had a 20% off coupon ...so $12 for the set...they take 3 AAA batteries (like most of my 6hr self-timer ones).

So, wooo-whooo! I'll post a pic when I use them! Jeanne S.

Remember this pic from my GWTW t'scape where I printed out 'Tara' music on self-sticking clear mylar paper & used it on a faux candle...this may be an idea when you don't want just plain white. ;-)

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Jeanne...BB&BY now owns CTS...so I'm not surprised they sold them! You did real good on the price too with your coupon. I'm so happy you found them. I forgot your idea with the self sticking mylar. Great idea for changing them. Someone at the party asked if the candles came in colors and I told them I wish they did. Now, seeing your idea again...has me excited. Thanks

I'm still slowly getting back to reading and commenting on posts here. Today I had two Dr appointments in NY...so again, it was another tiring day.


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Marlene Kindred

Lordy....I'm tired for you! Sounds like you and your DH deserve a vacation after all of that...hope you both feel better soon and enjoy the rest of the holiday! Look forward to seeing your pictures too!

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Jane, great to have you back! Sounds like you had a full house and ran your buns off getting ready. Looking forward to seeing all your decorations. Three trees and a new village set up sounds like a site to see.

I'm on the run these days and will try to catch up here at some point.LOL


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Wow that was truly a huge undertaking! But it does sound like a wonderful family gathering with lots of memories. Hope they appreciated all your hard work!

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