Final Christmas Table for the year

maximavswifeDecember 21, 2011

This is the table we will be eating our Christmas dinner at this year. It will just be me, DH and his parents. My sons are spending the holiday with other family. I'll miss them terribly but the are grown and choices have to be made. Maybe next year. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! We will have a white Christmas. It is snowing right now! Makes it feel just right!

I've included the link below.


Here is a link that might be useful: Christmas Table 2011

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Such a pretty table, Kath. And I agree about the Santa being beautiful. I love the Old World Santas and think many are truly beautiful.
Your embossed tablecloth also is! Well heck, the whole setting is for that matter. ;o)

I'm sorry your sons won't be with you this year, and its hard when there are changes like this. (my oldest son, and his two kids won't be with us for the first time I can remember...the kids are in their 20s now! Will seem very different to have them away this year, along with Dad being gone.) I'm glad your DH's folks will be joining you tho and hope that you have a lovely time. I know dinner will be great at your house!
Snow for Christmas, that sounds wonderful to me. It should be so pretty to look out on it with all the Christmas lights glowing inside.

hugs, Karen

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So pretty! I remember when you found those plates. Now I wish I would have bought the dinner plates, but didn't think I needed them at the time, DUH!

I think those lattice edged plates are perfect for this table. The red and gold color scheme is so elegant. The gold flatware is the icing on the cake, and I agree your Santa is gorgeous.

Snowing like crazy here! Roads were really slick and hard to see the lanes. I love the idea of a white Christmas, but not when I have to out in it!

Glad your in-laws will be celebrating with you. It's nice to be actually using one of your table settings for the holiday.
Since this is your last Christmas table, I'd say you saved the best for last.

Merry Christmas,

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Oh, I would say that it would be a pleasure to sit at your table for Christmas! I, too, totally think your Santa is 'beautiful!' (a wonderful gift)

Those lattice plates are so unusual & I like how you combined those w/the chargers & the salad plates (a real $$$ for sure)...very Christmas-y!

Love how your centerpc moves across the length of your table...that is wonderful! And the red linens...stunning backgrd for it all! Wow, I'm sure your DH's parents will enjoy Christmas with you & Mr. B! TFS, maxi! Jeanne S.

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Gorgeous table!
I was eyeing your dishes both sets are just beautiful.
I can't believe the amazing prices you paid. Everything looks so elegant with the red embossed tablecloth and gold accents. Love how you 'created' your CP and that PM deer was another great find. I too love Old World Santas and yours is a beautiful piece.
Merry Christmas and enjoy the day with DH & his parents..


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What a beautiful table to share with your husband and in-laws. It is so hard when the kids are out on their own and traditions change but new ones are made and memories are always there :)

love the lattice plates - I am still looking for those 'knock your socks off' pretty dishes but until then I will enjoy looking at all the great dishes you gals find. TFS you Christmas tablescape and have a very Merry Christmas :) .....


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Kathe, beautiful table to celebrate Christmas dinner. Love the place settings! Your cp with Santa, sleigh and deer is so pretty.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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What a lovely table! Your lattice plates are so very pretty and you sure got them at a bargain price. I like the way you laid the napkin over the charger too. Your centerpiece is pretty, fun, and just the right height to not disrupt the conversations too--perfect! Merry Christmas! Luvs

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So very pretty Kathe.
Wonderful dishes, the lattice ones are some of the prettiest I've ever seen.
I'm sure Your in-laws will be pleased to be sitting at such a lovely table.

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Marlene Kindred

Such a beautiful table! Love the Hollyberry dishes and the lattice edged ones too! Such lovely finds for a TS...lucky you! Love your centerpiece and tablecloth as well...have a wonderful Christmas day!

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Love the lattice plates, Kathe, so different.
Left a comment on your blog! :)

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Your table is so pretty. I love your dishes! I know what you mean about "sharing" Christmas, my DD stays for a few hrs and then is off to her SO's families, too bad they have to grow up LOL

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