Capital Culinarian Oven Experiences

daburdJuly 17, 2014

Hi everybody,

There are plenty of posts about the Capital Culinarian range and the burners. However, the actual OVEN seems to get much less attention.

Capital Culi owners: do you mind sharing your experiences about your gas oven?

How evenly do touchy items cook (like a tray of souflees)? Does the convection truly help here?

Is the gas oven actually as even as a nice electric (especially you lucky SOBs who have a nice electric wall oven to supplement your Culi!)?

Any interesting observations about the broiler? Does the glass cover make life easier, or actually make a smokier mess when you broil?

Other oven obversations, tips, or things you wish you knew before you bought?

If enough people post with their model number and experience, we may be able to spot trends! And that would be very helpful for those of us considering dropping a few thousand on one of these beasts.

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Hi all, just bumping this post in case there are Culinarian owners who don't mind sharing experiences with their gas oven.

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Mine was just installed but we are in the middle of our remodel so I can't use it yet. Will report back when I have something to report!

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