Broadcom wireless adapter not working

grandmsMarch 12, 2011

I had an older HP dv6000 series laptop which I gave to my son. It has the built-in Broadcom 802.11 wireless adapter. This has stopped working regardless of whether the switch is on or off. It also does not show in Network Devices. This is a known problem with these computers as I found by doing some research. Seems those under warranty are repaired by having HP replace the motherboard. I know this one will not be repaired at its age. However, can I purchase a PCI Express wireless card that would work? Or would a USB adapter be better? My son needs the wireless working to connect to the Internet where he lives.

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My toshiba pci express cards plug flush within a metal case. Be kind of hard on a wifi radio signal.

I might get a cheaper usb wifi adapter and maybe an accessory usb cord for it so it can dangle somewhere nearby for best reception when needed in bad spots.

They also make nifty little usb wifi network adapters with various little antenna's .

Here is a link that might be useful: http://hawkingtech...

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To answer your specific question, I'd shop mainly by price. I don't see investing too much in a network adapter for an older computer. You'll want a USB adapter.

I don't know how you feel about this or what you might have done, but it might be worth the effort to poke around a bit. I'd check with HP for the latest, greatest driver and install that. If that doesn't help, I'd delete the network card in Device Manager, reboot, let Windows reinstall it, and see what that does.

The computer does use a mini card so you don't have to replace the motherboard. I can't see it being cost effective unless you can find a used one somewhere and have the ability to replace it yourself.

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Thanks, Mikie and Mike. I figured the USB route would be the way to go. He'll check and see what he can find at Staples.

Those owners who were under warranty and sent their laptops back to HP did have the motherboards replaced, but, no, I'm not going to spend money like that on this computer.

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I'd try Newegg. Staples is likely to have a much smaller selection and higher prices.

Here is a link that might be useful: Newegg

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