OT....kind of funny on one of my decor photos

PurplemoonDecember 9, 2011

I was looking at the photos that I just posted of my decorations when I did a double-take on this one...

As you can tell, the width of the built-in shelves by my fireplace is pretty narrow. The bottom shelf has the cable box on it. And the 'brown thing' in the back on the right side, is a wood laying rabbit that is normally up towards the front by the stone moon. (A friend made that for me, out of natural flagstone. Anyway, unless you are down on your knees, you can't see in the back of the bottom shelf, so that's why I shoved the rabbit back out of the way for now. The new Santa's horse has a furry white tail...but I saw a LOT of white fur behind it. Whaaaaa?? Then I realized it was my cat, Oreo! I forgot she loves to sleep behind the cable box, but I'd have thought the big Santa horseman made it impossible for her to get back there now.

At least without disturbing it. But she manages somehow it seems. What is funny, and WHY I can't believe Oreo got back there with so little room to get to her spot, is her size. LOL. See what I mean....

I have a narrow galley kitchen and when I am in there cooking dinner she decides to do this right in the MIDDLE of the floor. My own personal Speed Bump!

Her idea of exercise is getting up to eat.....

Shakin' my head and still chuckling she got back there. Oreo is the most clumsy cat ever, and also one of the dumbest. ;o) (ALL she does is sleep, eat, and hiss at Jazz when he bugs her).

hugs, Karen

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This is why we have pets! They do make us laugh and are great at entertaining. Maybe Oreo thought your new nutcrackers tail was part of her family. She's pretty brave to lay right in the middle of your kitchen. You must be more coordinated than me. I would probably have a flat cat, the way I rush around. Come to think of it she looks a little flat in the floor picture.LOL So glad your sharing her in the chair with her pillow. SWEET

I love that moon shaped natural flagstone your friend made and the FMAILY sign is a perfect match. I didn't go into detail on your other post but love the cardinal candle and your new nutcracker rocking santa.


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Darn...error message...I lost it...I'll start over:

I can't believe that ball of white fur is Oreo! (appropriately named, BTW, after I saw her other pics) ;-)
And how in the world did she get back there w/o knocking off your new nutcracker/horse...which is so CUTE!

You catlover friends must have the patience of Job....I'd be tripping over Oreo ...bad enough w/my dog! TFS the fun pics, PM! Jeanne S.

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Punk, I love my Moon Rock. LOL. My former neighbor could make all kinds of stuff. And funny about the Family sign, till you mentioned it, I hadn't noticed how it matched the moon. It was unfinished wood, from Dollar Tree last year.
I stained it and then added glitter. (ooops, Jeanne, guess I have used glitter before! ;o)

I've tripped over, but luckily not fallen YET, "kicked" her (accidently), etc. and she just lays there giving me this DUH look. Good thing I move slow these days or I'd probably break something tripping on her. What you see of my kitchen floor is basically all the wide it is! And she only lays there WHEN I'm cooking. Arrrggghhhh.
She's a velcro cat, I can't even go to the bathroom alone.
And she SNORES. Loudly!! So she's shut out of the bedroom at bedtime.

I don't even know how she fits in back of that shelf behind the cable box, the space from it to the wall is only about 7 inches! I need to take a photo of her back there sometime. I watched her get out of there earlier, she stepped over the brown rabbit and squeezed between the moon and the Santa. (Glad he's really, really heavy!)

Cats, LOL.
hugs, K

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At least Oreo is just climbing behing the cable box and not trying to climb the tree!

Cute Santa horseman too!


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lol - I can just picture your cat getting back in there - our largest one Noelle is black/white like yours plus we have a large grey maine coon and they are our resident 'speed bumps'. The grey one(Shadow) loves the lay in the pervible 'triangle' in the kitchen - no matter which way you want to move while getting dinner or cleaning up he is in the way and won't budge. They will both find the most impossible places to curl up and sleep the day away - love them. They make us smile everyday :) .....


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Oh my gosh, I never would have noticed it had you not pointed it out! lol.

I finally gave my cat one of those shatterproof ornaments, and I love watching her batting it around on the hardwood floor.

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Lynne, I'm glad I'm not the only one with a furry speed bump! My other 3 cats would never lay in a high traffic area, or at least they'd move if you walked thru. Why on earth would a cat want to be tripped over, stepped on, etc?
I don't know about your Shadow, but with Oreo she is so dumb she thinks ANY thing is attention.
I think Maine Coon's are such beautiful cats!

Oak, aren't shatter-proof ornaments the best thing when you own pets! Ty use to take an ornament off the bottom part of a tree, and I'd keep putting it back till I figured out if he could "keep" his ornament then he wouldn't bother any others. LOL. Now he's 8 yrs old, he doesn't steal one. Tho he likes to 'help' unpack bins and look for interesting things to bat around for a bit.

hugs, Karen

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Oreo is so funny!! She looks like a rag doll the way she flops around.
For some reason Alvin isn't interested in
my tree which is a good thing.

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Marlene Kindred

I missed this post before! OMGosh...can't believe Oreo wedged herself back there and didn't mess up a thing! Too funny!

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Oh, Karen, Oreo is just adorable. Beautiful coat. Little girls are not dumb, she knows exactly what she is doing. Those boys don't have a chance with those girls around.


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