Curious About Bathroom Styles I'm Seeing Here

monicakm_gwAugust 10, 2014

Our last major remodel was in 2007. It included the master bathroom, bedroom, kitchen wall tear out, added peninsula, entry and transforming LR to a dining room. Yes, I'm still married (to the same man) :) DH's battle scars are now healed and he's agreed to redo his bathroom. There are so many beautiful bathrooms here but I'm not seeing anything like what we want to do in ours. Light and airy and vintage seems to be the "in" look. I'm still going to go with what we like but I'd love to see some bathrooms (if there are any) that incorporate deeper, darker, richer tones. We live in Texas and tend to lean towards those kinds of colors and tones except for my bathroom that is blue sea tones and light break from the rest of house but that's ok with us This will be a outdoorsmen "manly" bathroom that I will attempt to keep from being TOO rustic :) Right now the only known factor is the granite vanity top. The sink is still up for discussion. Stained vanity, wood porcelain floors and a subtle tile tub surround with accent tile (probably just an embossed design of the same line/color. Even 90% of the bathrooms on Houzz are light and airy contemporary or vintage. Hard to find inspiration.

Granite: Desert Dream

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Sink: Oceana glass undermount in Cobalt Copper

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We're working on our (very small) MBa that has darker elements. You'll need to wait a few days to see how it turns out, but here's the granite and the paint color (BM Bedford Blue) going on the wall above the vanity. The other walls will be a light gray and the floor is a sandy sort of tile. In the photo the tile is covered by cardboard.

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I have a bathroom coming up that is gong to be a cave with a bit of bright bling. Mostly soapstone with some backlit honey onxy panels. Timeline uncertain. But it is going to be badass bold.

Nothing wrong with dark and bold.

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Babka NorCal 9b

This was one of my inspiration photos that I found on


Contemporary Bathroom by Encino Interior Designers & Decorators Dayna Katlin Interiors

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I've been meaning to post DH's shop bathroom (toilet and shower) but haven't because I still want to change the toilet.

But it's dark earthy toned tile with blue glass accents and blue shower tower and grayish paint. Feels real masculine. Of course the misc car parts on the walls help too.

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suzanne, beautiful granite! I used to know the name but haven't been in "bathroom mode" since 2007. Can't wait to see the finished product :) I can tell by the cabinetry that it's going to have a contemporary feel/look. Everything seems to be contemporary/modern (what's the difference?) or vintage. Thanks for sharing :)

mongo, this is going to be very interesting. I always enjoy seeing your projects. My budget will be semi-shoestring so it'll only be semi-bada** bold :)

babka, thanks for the picture! Again, modern...dark, but modern. It's VERY pretty! I wonder if they regret the SS sinks?

itltrot, oh come on! You can just white out the toilet if you have to. I'd love to see your husband's shop bathroom. My husband has a shop/barn out back. It's two story. He's making the top into a loft. The shower (which I think is going to be downstairs under the stairs) is going to be sheet iron and rock.

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The granite is called "Blue Flower." OK, here's a teaser. I wanted a medicine cabinet with power outlets inside so we can get the toothbrushes and shaver off the counter. Have you seen the prices on the ones from Roburn?! Besides, when we took out the the one that was there, we discovered the builders had done interesting (!) things to the wall. We also have no use for a mirror in that location, so I wanted a door that looked like a picture frame. The upshot is that we had a space 12 x 24 to work with. We had a local cabinet maker make this cabinet for us ($50) and I took the door to Michaels and had them mount my photos.

The walls are painted now, but I want it to dry more before putting the door back on.

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Great way to personalize your space. Looks nice :) When we did our first bathroom remodel in 07 I remember seeing outlets in medicine cabinets. I don't have a medicince cabinet in my bathroom but I did have DH install an outlet behind one of my vanity drawers. My hairdryer stays plugged in and off the counter. We'll be putting an outlet in his medicine cab.

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I wish I had a pic of my parent's bathroom remodel. A VERY similar granite, gray walls and a really nice grey large tile with a glass mosaic strip.

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