Berta, Bosch vs. Miele, IKEA! Feedback on New Appliances?

Faith_July 11, 2012

Hi! My husband and I are in the middle of renovating and adding on to a fixer-upper and therefore are buying an entire kitchen's worth of appliances all at once. I have scoured the boards here for advice (thank you all!! You provide such an amazing resource and community).

This is my first round of kitchen appliance buying ever. We're moving from a rental and so having ANYTHING new sounds like pure luxury. (Oh, and I'm a food writer and recipe developer, so, again - having a new kitchen will just be dreamy.) We are trying to spend under $6000 for everything.

Could I impose on you all and ask for feedback on these appliances? Any thoughts on how they have worked for you? Any better choices that you can see?

⢠Stove: Bertazzoni 36" 5-burner slide-in range

⢠Hood: Zephyr Europa (on closeout)

⢠Oven(s): FRAMTID double oven from IKEA/Whirlpool

⢠Fridge: Fisher-Paykel bottom freezer OR Whirlpool Gold bottom freezer

⢠Dishwasher: Miele Classic OR Bosch 800 Plus

I'm especially interested in feedback on dishwashers - I've had my heart set on a Miele for years, and I am wary of the low-end Boschs (friends have had disastrous experiences with them). But apparently this Bosch is one of the only models made in Germany and the salesman at one store has been really pushing it to us.

Thank you a million for any help or advice! I so appreciate it.

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The Bosch has a water softner while the Miele does not therefore I would only recommend the Miele if you have very soft water or you have a whole house softner. If you are willing to move upto the Miele Crystal then I would get that one.

Miele Crystal has self adusting water softner while Bosch you are supposed to measure water hardnerss yourself and then set the softening level yourself. Miele also manipulates hardnress level during wash cycle. This can make even bigger difference on cycles like crystal and perfect glasscare.

Although the German made Bosch are of high quality I think Miele is higher still.


I am not a big fan of Consumer Reports but the consistent bottom or near bottom ranking of Fisher and Paykal refrigerators is a concern.

Why not the Nutid fridge from Ikea/Whirlpool and get matching handles and five year warranty? If you are getting cabinets and ovens/microwave? from Ikea I would probably get the Nutid.


What you linked is a rangetop not slide-in range. It is the cheapest or near cheapest rangetop available in the US and is a competant performer. And it is easy on they eyes.

I would make sure to use the FRAMTID self-clean function a few times early on to make sure it is not popping fuses. I think it is a good value in this class.

Range Hood

I think the Zephyr is a good value at retail and even better on closeout.

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Oh yes, I mis-typed - rangeTOP. Thank you so much! This is very helpful!

On the IKEA fridge, I dislike the side-by-side models a lot. Also, we are getting cabinet bases from IKEA but doing custom fronts from Semihandmade and so we will be able to customize a bit.

Thank you again!

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NUTID 501.840.87 is French Door.

LINK below.

Here is a link that might be useful: IKEA French Door

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Rangetop: Good
Ovens: OK
Fridge: I am not knowledgeable
Dishwasher: Like deeageaux said, I would go with the Miele Crystal.

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@deeageaux oh, thanks! That's helpful.

@acw6455, OK, thanks!

We're still juggling the budget, trying to see what we can squeeze in! :)

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