12x24 tiles in shower alcove, tile layout issue help

ms222August 26, 2012

So I'm looking for some help here, I really would like to use 12x24" shower tiles in my 3 wall alcove bath/shower (32"x60"). On the short wall which will be 32" how can I run a brick staggered layout with the 12"x24" tile, 3 1/4"x12" bullnose, without it looking funky?

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You running horizontally or vertically? Given the bullnose it sounds like horizontally?

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yes horizontally, its the short wall that I'm having trouble with figuring out. A contractor will be doing it, but I don't want to hear any excuses from them. Also, should I run a piece of bullnose past the top of the tub all the way down the wall, or just run the bullnose to the tile flange of the tub?

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Start with pieces 8 3/8" and 19 3/8" against the bullnose and you should end up with the same size pieces in the corner.

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