Bluestar Range Hoods

sspiperJuly 24, 2012

Folks reposting hoping to get your attention.

I need your advise.

The Bluestar hoods are expensive compared to some of the other names I am seeing mentioned on GW.

Are they worth the premium?

I just ordered my very first pro range which will be a BS 30 RNB. I am looking at the BS 36 Pyramid Hood. With the flue and motor I am at about 2700 bucks.

For me that's alot of money and would really appreciate your thoughts.....

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I don't know about them personally, but my DW and I are going to buy a Zephyr brand to go over our soon to be purchased BS 36" rangetop. You should check them out.


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I don't know about other hoods but I have a Bluestar hood and I can tell you that it is like the range: simple, effective, well made. The removable baffles are very easy to clean, just toss them in the dishwasher.

Beyond that I can't tell you if it is "worth it" or compare it to other brands. Others here seem to have done lots of research that you might find helpful.

Consider hood depth, too. I don't think Bluestar makes a 27" deep hood.


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Phil I am wondering which Zephyr hood you selected?
Stooxie understood and appreciate the thumbs up for Bluestar.

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We are going with an insert so I am going to do the DCBL version of the Monsoon in 36". We don't have it yet as we just finalized our selections with our builder yesterday.


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Thanks all

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