New Induction Cooktops(and a sale on others)

footballmomJuly 26, 2007

I don't work for this place nor have I purchased anything from them. I was just browsing and saw these new Thermador mirored induction cooktops and the sale on the Fagor and Electorlux. The place is called Just thought someome might like to see the pretty things>>>>>>>

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Nice website; good prices. Thanks.

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Thanks for the info. I saw the new GE monogram induction cooktops last week, but sales people here were not aware of them so can not see them. Do you have opinions on them? I am using a Crema Bordeaux granit with pale pink quartz chunks in it, it might look nice.

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Where did you see the GE induction?
I was going with a Kenmore, but they have mesed up my order twice

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The Monogram induction cooktops are scheduled for September according to the website.

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I bought a Fagor 30" induction from them for $2,030. There were delays in the pickup - turned out that the Fagor warehouse in NJ had moved and DHL was overwriting the correct address from HI with the old address!

The price includes a 10-piece Fagor cookware set (that I suspect is being discontinued) and a 5 year warrantee. I've only seen two reviews of the cookware and both were favorable. However, the cookware is delivered about two months after you send in the rebate offer with proof-of-purchase from the shipping carton and $20 for S&H. The warrantee is with RepairMaster which requires it's own registration instead of with Fagor. I had to phone in the registration since their website doesn't seem to work. Registration requires the date of purchase and (included with the purchase) cost - $199.99.

Despite the delays and e-mail chasing I don't have any complaints with HI. It's a small operation in Buda, Texas (near Houston) and they were responsive to my e-mails and phone calls.

Here is a link that might be useful: HelpfulItem

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dbaguy--are you happy with the Fagor? I am planning on ordering the same one from HI. They are now offering a free pressure cooker set with purchase.

I had originally planned on getting the Diva but the Fagor seems like such a better deal and is made by the same parent company. I just wasn't sure if I would be ok with the 2 8 3/4 burners instead of the 9". I know it is only a quarter inch but I thought it might matter on induction. I ended up measuring every pot and pan that I own and not one had a base bigger than 8 1/2" so now I am sold on the Fagor! Would love to hear some feedback though.

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Sorry Kimwok, the kitchen won't be finished for another week (or two). Part of the delay is that the KD didn't notice that the Fagor needs 2" of air beneath it so the oven will have to be dropped further in the cabinet. Some of the Fagor docs footnoted this clearance and some did not. I do notice that cleaning dust off of it is likely to be a nuisance.

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Thanks dbaguy. I did read on the Induction website that the Fagor needed the 2" clearance. Mine will be going into a drawer base so it is not as crucial as placement of an oven. As for the cleaning, I think it will still be better than cleaning around the electrical coils that I have now! :) Please update us when you do get it up and running--my demolition doesn't start until the end of October so I still have a little time. TIA

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Speaking of cleaning. If you want to blow your guest's minds, put a paper towel under your pan before starting to cook. Any splatters are caught by the paper towel.

I've done this with lower power units when frying things like bacon, chicken or sausages. Cleanup then is no issue since all the splatters stay on the paper. And the paper won't burn with induction (no flame, remember?).

The only proviso is if the pan gets up to or over 450F, the paper will scorch. But that's pretty danged hot (except for searing).

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dbaguy(and anyone else using Fagor induction,

How do you like your Fagor induction cooktop(assuming the installation has been completed?) We're across the river from you in Maryland and are considering this brand (their 36 inch version)

Many thanks

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bikefan - surprisngly one of the Custom Crafters KB designers that I used for my kitchen asked me to be a reference for a customer interested in induction. Now I might kill multiple birds with one stone. So ...

0) For context, I had a coil-type range for 23 years before and a gas range for 8 years before the coil range.

1) Cleaning up a glass cooktop can sometimes be a little messy. The metal rim isnt much of a problem but stuff shows up pretty easily on black glass. I have used parchment paper underneath a cast iron pan (as weedmeister has pointed out) and perhaps I should do this more often with other cookware but then it can be difficult to place the pan within the circle. IÂm surprised that no one has developed a thin, clear, flexible sheet of say, plastic, that wonÂt noticeably impact the induction field (i,e., has to be thin) and that can be washed in a dishwasher (like hood filters).

2) The diamond configuration isnÂt as much of a problem as I thought it might be. ItÂs very rare that I use three pots/pans concurrently. Most of the time two is enough and the two large burners are slightly closer to me than with a square configuration (e.g., Windcrest CTI304D).

3) A limitation that I should have given more thought to is the size of the largest burners. A 10" burner would be a lot nicer than the 8 2/3" burners. (I now notice that the usage guide implies to not use a pan larger than 9 ½" on the bottom for this burner.) I donÂt have the room for a 36" cooktop and you should be much better off with the 11" burner.

4) The touch controls work pretty well; very little trouble turning them off/on or setting the temperature. (I originally thought that I would dislike them a lot.) And what are the controls?

start/stop control (lights up when on; flickers when no pan is present; separate power
level indicator)
- control (decrement setting by 1)

  • control (increment setting by 1)
    pre-select 6 (sets power at level 6; medium setting, low heat)
    pre-select 10 (sets power at level 10; highs setting, moderate heat)
    pre-select 12 (sets power at level 12; maximum setting, maximum heat)

After starting a unit you have to either touch a pre-select control or the + control. I donÂt understand how Fagor describes pre-select 6 as "medium setting, low heat". I set a pan of water on a large burner and measured the water temperature after a while to indicate how warm the lower settings are:

1 ~ 84 degrees
2 ~ 102 degrees
3 ~ 115 degrees
4 ~ 140 degrees
5 ~ 175 degrees
6 ~ 200 degrees

5) (Continuation of touchpads.) The problem I have is calibrating the 1-12 settings in comparison to warm/low/medium/medium high/high. ItÂs trial and error to get the perfect number for whatever youÂre cooking. Once you figure it out for the dish that you are making then itÂs nicely reproducible. The catch is remembering or writing down the setting for the dish. I have difficulty in seeing why some units have as many as 20 settings (Thermador CIT304ES). I imagine that the owners would eventually whittle down their usage so that some settings would never be used.

6) I donÂt notice pulsing and fan noises from the cooktop in general. In preparation for this write-up I focused and noticed. The pulsing basically makes a tick-tock sound and only occurs on settings 1-5. The sound is the same for any of these settings. The underneath fans are "louder" in comparison. Again, I donÂt really notice when cooking; itÂs just there in the background.

7) Speaking, err, writing on fans, I think that most of the readers are aware that clearance is needed below the countertop as well as air intake/output. Apparently Windcrest has the least clearance requirements and Fagor is close.

8) If youÂre sautéing and lift off the pan for about 60 seconds then the burner turns off. A feature to keep in mind when comparing units. (Some might turn off too quickly for your technique.)

9) Am I happy with my unit? Definitely. It's expensive but I wouldn't consider anything other than induction after using it. The biggest pluses are the rapid responsiveness (both on and off), the relatively cool surface, temperature reproducability, and the touchpads. ItÂs also nice to use a low setting and just walk away without any worries about the heat being too high for some stuff. I also feel comfortable with the manufacturer in the long run since theyÂve been making them a long time in Europe.

10) If I had to start from scratch would I look at other units? Sure. The market is pretty active and the increased competition can only drive down prices in the long run as well. The main reason that I might select a different 30" unit would be the lack of a big burner.

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Hi dbaguy--
I'm the potential Custom Crafters customer, and I certainly appreciate your comments. I hope you are enjoying your kitchen. As long as I have captured your attention, would you mind sharing your point of view on your CC experience, and which cabinets you selected?

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Hi dbaguy,

many thanks for your very thorough and thoughtful response - I've passed them along to the Chief Cooking Officer, and it will help us in our cooktop decision (it will be induction - the question is which). We really like the cooking power and the minimal clearance requirement.

Were you able to see this cooktop locally before you bought (I think you said you bought it from the folks in Texas in a previous post.)

Thanks again

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Bikefan As mentioned earlier in this thread I bought it from HelpfulItem. The only induction cooktops that I saw "live" before buying were Electrolux and Diva.

Dvbkansas Gosh, this could wear out my fingers when you ask me (or almost anyone else on this forum) about a kitchen renovation. Cabinets are from Elmwood Kitchens in a "pillow" style flat with all edges being rounded to the face. Cherry with champagne finish. (Originally I was thinking maple but realized that a pink undertone is nicer than yellow.)

Short version: Working with designer on materials and appliances was pretty comfortable. (Are you comfortable with your particular KD?) Actual renovation seemed to follow Murphys law lots of installation errors. Good part is that when a problem was found their response was to fix it. Diagrams (11 pages) from CC were very important. When issues came up they were the "bible" as to whether the work was correct or not.

Context: Old, small (about 8 x 10) kitchen that was falling apart. Bachelor still fully employed. Important implication is that I was not on-site for some stuff. Arrangement was for me to buy the non-plumbing appliances and CC does the rest. Other than the cooktop and GE MW all of my appliances are Fisher and Paykel.

Demolition was July 23, 2007 and its not complete yet. (Original guestimate on my part was six weeks!) The appliances, other than the hood, have been functioning for several months but some stuff is incomplete. (I should have also had the window replaced at demolition since it was the perfect opportunity.) What went wrong?

Carpenter had to have heart surgery on August 10. Knock off a week for getting a replacement.

Cabinet/sheetrock (?) issues. For some reason the space behind the fridge was a foot until 2/3ds of the way up and then it was almost flush with the fridge. I didnt want any clearance issues per the F&P installation guides and since the diagram clearly showed the space it was opened up. (The carpenter might have been worried about the full depth cabs above the fridge?) An angled floor cabinet wouldnt open so a ½" filler was added. Just noticed that a folding corner cabinet doesnt have a recessed screw on the back of the knob and can scrape against the oven cabinet. Theyll plumb it.

Cooktop/cabinet issue. I should have been more vociferous on this issue when I looked at the drawings. The Fagor docs were not consistent and apparently this was the first induction unit that CC has installed. Air space beneath the cooktop was not provided for the oven is underneath. So the cabinet was replaced with a cabinet with only a 2" toekick. (We considered other options and considered this to be best.) Air intake comes from a hole cut into the adjacent filler at the back which is open at the 4" toekick. (KD is going with a Thermador induction unit that she got a good deal on but wont install until new pots/pans are bought.)

Countertop issue. We chose between three sets of Labrador Antique and we were happy with the slab. Big problem was that neither of us was present for the templating. Details are at the link below. Fabricator presented some options which I tried to accept but I knew I wouldnt be happy. After several scheduling delays and a few days before having a big pow-wow in the kitchen the granite company capitulated since the fixture holes were not as on the diagram. (Original countertop installation took three hours. Replacing the one section and drilling fixture holes on-site also took three hours.)

Cabinet issue. Basic problem is that the cabinet colors were not consistent. After more scheduling delays new Elmwood rep and KD met in my kitchen and it was obvious to him that they were inconsistent. He took a drawer face and theyll be sending new faces. Also, two tall cabinets are bowed and well see whether they are replaced or fixed in some other fashion.

Pull-out pantry issue. Exterior cabinet space is 15" wide and whoops, Rev-a-Shelf 14" pull-out wont quite fit in. (Fault KD on this.) Replace with 9" wide pull-out with 5 shelves instead of 4. They also built in a vertical storage area for pastry board, cooling, rack, oven pan, etc in the remaining 4" within the pull-out area. The internal pantry which pulls out is offset to the left and the fixed shelf space is on the right.

Backsplash issue. Tile guy wasnt familiar with glass tiles. Since neither I nor the KD was there and GC was only there initially he applies the paper side against the mastic! All of it had to be ripped out. Lunada Bay glass tiles had to be re-ordered since theyre not reusable (although KD took a lot of the pieces and will find a use for them). After several weeks it took three days for the new tile guy to re-surface the walls and correctly install the replacement tiles as well as replace some of the ceramic tiles. (Im not great at projecting what a finished product will look like from drawings and small samples. KD was right that the glass tiles would make a great look. Although I think that the F&P DDs look good in SS she wanted panels for them. It was the correct choice. With the SS fridge, oven, hood, and MW the SS DDs would have been too much metal.)

Hood issue. Its the little things that are deceptive. Hood was mounted 24" above cooktop. (F&P installation guide recommends 24"-30".) KD picked 24" for aesthetics. Im 511" and think that it should be a little higher. (But I didnt think about this beforehand.) I would still have issues with bumping my head against it but my sight line to the pots/pans would be better. They could probably raise it but Im not comfy with them moving 65 Ibs around and the glass tiles might be damaged. Im also not 100% sure that it would be better. Tough to know without actually doing it. The electricity is hooked up (so I can see what Im burning, err, cooking) but the vent is not connected since a ceiling panel face has to be replaced.

Other issues? Probably, but I cant remember. It has been a blur.

I felt comfortable with KD and were now working on the bathroom. I have strong feelings on some stuff and am ambivalent on other stuff. KD was able to read which stuff she had to pursue with more options. (KDs original suggestion was for red leather floor which was in their showroom. I was interested in cork. KD came up with cork that we both really like in the kitchen. Even Elmwood Kitchen rep commented on it.) At the same time she had liberties on other issues. (She replaced my mild preference for a HansGrohe faucet with a different HansGrohe faucet. KDs choice was better.)

KD wanted all appliance installation done by CC. I was very much for this since I suspect that some F&P problems are with improper installation.

Its expensive and the original budget was decimated pretty easily. CC is not cheap. Im all thumbs at DIY and the tradeoff for spending $$$ is that if there is a problem CCs general response is to fix it and not to disagree with you. But I am surprised at how many things went wrong with general installation. (No problems with any appliances so far).

Im usually pretty easy to get along with so its good that my KD has some "Genghis Khan" in her. She notices some stuff after installation that I dont and will say that it has to be replaced. Period.

By the way CC changed ownership 1-2 months ago.

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