Vote please - Carrara Marble counter - which sink?

beepsAugust 17, 2012

I'm installing Carrara Marble counters in both guest and master baths and am wondering about sinks for the master bath. Because of the etching issue, I'm considering putting a sink in that has ledges to keep the soap bottle off the countertop. But I'm not sure I like the look of that sink. Oh, and the home will have a contemporary feel.

Option #1 - to keep the soap bottle off the countertop.

Option #2

Guest bath I am putting in this sink, but am afraid to put it in master in case it is too shallow. Won't bother me that much to have it too shallow in guest, but would drive me crazy in master. Love the curves of this sink.

So, which sink would you use? Option 1 or 2? Or something else entirely? Thanks in advance!

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I like option 2. I feel like a soap bottle on the sink might look strange. Soap should not stain or etch the marble if properly sealed.

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If you're anywhere near Albany, NY there is a supply house having a clearance with a Kohler sink just like your option 2. I almost bought it but it's the same size as our powder room vanity, which is small, so it wouldn't work for me.

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Thx twn85. Glad to hear it shouldn't etch it! And I think you are right, it might look odd.

williamsem: Since you almost bought it I guess that means it looks good in person! I haven't seen it. It's difficult to find a place to actually look at sinks in person. And, I'm about as far away from Albany as possible - in Orange County, Calif. =)

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option #2 the kohler ladena is awesome. We will be using these on our build as well.

Fergusons should have it to look at in person.

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Thanks for the vote agentslim. And, thanks for the tip about Fergusons. I'll go by one on Monday. (Had never heard of them before and I see they are all over the place! Guess I've been living under a rock. Except I can tell you where all the tile stores are! :)

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Sink #2

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We have two ladena sinks by Kohler. I really like the way they look and function the only negative I could even say about them is that I bought them from an Amazon vendor and I wonder if I got a couple of seconds because they are supposed to be white but they are a funny color of white. Not a nice color sort of grayish not in a good way. It doesn't go with the softer whites in the room. I didn't feel like returning them so we just used them. I think this is an isolated incident.

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Thanks Allison.

That's a bummer SaraKat. It does come in a ton of colors, wonder if you got "honed white" instead of "white" or something. I'd be bummed if that happened. Glad you like them otherwise.

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