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phonegirlDecember 21, 2011

DGD and I didn't get her tree decorated this year but she was down Sunday and we sat a table. I had given her the little nutcracker and she brought it back to me so I could decorate with it. I tried to tell her it was hers but she insisted I keep it.

I will try to get more of our Christmas decor posted too. Mean while hope your ready to see DGD's Christmas Tablescape.

I had painted these little wooden blocks of hers so we put the little nutcracker on top of the JOY blocks. You can still see the designs on top if you look close but it was a fun project.

All of the ornaments were some I had bought for her tree after Christmas last year. Love the little fish we hung on the chandy. The little girl ones even have long fake lashes.

The Royal Norfolk plates all have different sayings on them. I picked up the spreaders 'Up On The House Top' at a ys this summer. They are little sleighs w/santa and toys.

We hung pink stars on some things on the buffet to add color. I have to keep DGD going on all my decor since she's the only one who will want it when I'm gone.haha


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What a sweet table, and a sweeter DGD. I think she will follow in 'grandma's footsteps' just fine. The chandy ornaments are so cute, and of course you know Nutcrackers are a favorite of mine. I like she wanted you to decorate with her's.

hugs, Karen

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You two did a marvelous job. The chandy decor is so cute as are the little salad plates. So sweet of your DGD to lend you her nutcracker.
The touches of gold are perfect, and I spy some really darling little gift boxes at each setting. Those sure caught my eye!!

The buffet in the background looks like an icy wonderland.

All together, a home run!


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Oh, what fun, punk, to share this t'scape w/your DGD!!! You both created such a fun & festive table! Love it! Love the pkgs. at each placesetting & the Santa in each stem!

Those plates are just very CUTE & also the spreaders! Her nutcracker looks quite majestic on top of the JOY blocks! Best of all is that chandie! Wow, pretty ornies hanging from that! Those fish are SWEET!

Love that you both added 'stars' of color to the buffet...looks like a Winter Wonderland! Sounds like a great time tog! TFS! Jeanne S.

(oh yes, pink t'cloth looks so pretty on this table!)

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Punk..it's so nice your DGD likes to do this with you.
You both did such a great job. The little Nutcracker on the JOY blocks looks so proud to be up there! I spotted those little gift boxes too...are they ceramic?
Love that you decorated the chandy with the cute ornaments.
It looks so festive. Your dishes are lovely with the different sayings on them. I like how you used pink as an accent color too.
Even though your DGD didn't get to do her tree I'm sure she loved helping and being part of decorating this sweet table.


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So great that she enjoys doing this with you and adds her ideas even. The little package plates are so cute, love that each one has a tag with a different saying too. It all looks very pretty, and the buffet all decorated up so pretty too is just the icing on the cake! Glad you had fun together. Luvs

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So pretty!

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Thanks so much everyone for your comments on this table. I had forgot I posted it.LOL DGD has been staying with us and we also have DS's little yorkie so I haven't had any extra time to come here and play.


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I LOVE THIS TABLE, PUNK. It is wonderful that your DGD wants to help.
You two are making wonderful memories.
I'm sure she will continue doing tablescapes when she is an adult.

Thanks so much for sharing.


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Thanks for the sweet comments Nana. I sure hope DGD wants all my goodies one day.LOL


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