What color did you pick for your children's bedrooms?

Mom23EsJune 23, 2012

I'm just curious. Our kids are too young to pick out their own paint colors. Oldest child is 3, and he said he wants a red room. Umm, no. Lol. DH and I are waffling between a plain tan so that we can decorate any colors with bedding, curtains, and rugs or going ahead and painting both boys' rooms a pale blue and our daughter's room a pale pink. I'm definitely suffering from decision making fatigue.

Just wondering what others have done?

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I did my 12 year old son's room in SW lattice, which we have used all over the house...it is a very light grey. I did my 9 year old daughter's room in SW Gratifying Green (I think that is the name, I am not near the "big book of house stuff" to look it up. It is the second color down on the card that has SW Spinach White on it (we used that on her ceiling.) It is an extremely soft, light green, almost not a color. It looks so fresh with our thick white trim, but also provides a soothing backdrop to all the garishly colored things she brings into the room! Her bed is a dark wood antique and it sets it off prettily.

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I did my 7 yr old son's room in SW Relaxed Khaki, my 10 yr old daughter's in SW Tidewater (a greenish blue), and my 4 yr old daughter's in SW Verbena (light pink). The girls j&j bath is SW Celery (pale green). I love all of their rooms.

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We used SW Simply Beige in all rooms of house to keep the palette neutral for now. The boys wanted blue and we wanted to keep it light and airy, so we chose SW Rarified Air. The best way to choose is to take the paint sample chips to the house and put the contenders up on at least 2 walls in the rooms to be painted to see what the colors will look like in your space with your lighting. Whatever the color looks like in the store, it is guaranteed not to look the same in your house--different mix of natural and artificial light and shadows. Once painted, definitely give the paint a few days to completely dry and make sure the trim is also painted before deciding whether or not the color works for you.

Hope this helps!

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I did my son's room BM Gray Owl. It is a beautiful gray that looks wonderful with blue, green and orange accents.

For my daughter I used BM Gray Cashmere. Again a beautiful gray with slight greenish tint and it looks great with pink, orange and teal accents.

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