Can you recommend an over-the-range MW/exhaust fan combo

BellsmomJuly 24, 2014

This request is for information for a friend. Thanks to the folks at GW, I have a wonderful hood but cannot talk my friend into getting one. Here is mine--a really great ModernAire.

But she wants a small MW/exhaust fan over her electric range. It does vent directly out an exterior wall. She doesn't cook a lot and really never does greasy stir fries (which I do), and currently functions fine with a thing--er fan--which looks like it has a 10" square wire mesh exhaust area.

She only has about 12-15" of vertical space to use. Is that a deal breaker?

I cannot really help her. I don't even know where to start looking. I know OTR MWs are considered way less than optimal--but can anyone help me with the least bad of the lot?

Any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated.

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They're mostly cheaply made Asian imports. I'm not convinced picking the brand really matters (especially since a lot of them are from the same factories). Sharp is made in the USA which is nice, and their higher end products (like microwave drawers) are high quality, but the OTR microwaves seem to be cheap junk just like everyone else.

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Sophie Wheeler

All OTR'S are at least 16'' tall. If she only has 12'' of room, she can' have an OTR. LG does makeone wih 400 CFM and a slide out piece tthat increases captture area. That's the best quality one that I'm familiar with for venting.

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Thank you, Hollysprings and Hvtech.
I have had the Sharp drawer MW for about 3 years. It is used every day at least once and works flawlessly. I would have expected the same of their OTR MW. Thanks for the heads up.

I will look at the LG on Amazon and pass on your information.
I didn't realize they were all so tall. I hope she decides not to go this route.

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Check the smallest cubic foot microwave you can find ... but adding the vent stuff does take space.

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