Need a new desktop

acraftyladyMarch 18, 2012

I have always had HP desktops. This last one I think wad 6yrs old and think video on motherboard went and son couldn't fix it. Not a heavy graphics gamer and just surf, email edit photos and my husband uses it to write up exams. I do watch netflix on it and also burn some CD's and DVD's and that's about it for us. Looking at this model I can get here for $499. Decent for my needs or should I look for something different? Other brands better these days? Mary

Here is a link that might be useful: HP Desktop

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I'll take this opportunity to jump on my Mac horse. There's a tread one or a few down titled something like "what should I do with my new computer..."

What should I do with my new Mac? Enjoy it!

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You don't know my husband very well. He is a high school calculus teacher and not tech savy at all. A few years ago he was a given a brand new Imac I think it was in his room and he just could not handle it after always having a PC so he had them swap it out for a PC. My nephew works for apple but I am just more comfortable with a PC so would like to stick with that.

Having a very hard time finding this computer. The one at best buy online only has the AMD processor for same price but all the other specs are the same. I called Hhgregg across the Pa border as I saw it on their site with the intel but they are out but if I drive in they can order it for me. Wouldn't be a wasted trip as I have comps coming from the casino and I like to shop in that area so might just do that. Mary

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acraftylady, I would stick with the good ole PC's over mac any old day. Especially if you were "weaned" on PC like I.

I haven't had one with AMD to rate them as I always ordered Intel. I have read long ago AMD runs hotter.

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Gonna order this one as Walmart has them in stock today. Just waiting on hold with my CC card company to get approval since it's a big ticket item. Mary

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There is very little difference in a CPU from Intel or AMD. It is similar to comparing Ford and GM really.

Because in AMD's early days Intel tried to bury them many DIY builders used only AMD processors. I have always built with AMD processors.

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Thanks good to know. This one does have the intel so should be fine. Mary

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