Input needed: choosing 42" built-in french door refrigerator (Kit

trippknightlyJuly 22, 2013

Am considering KitchenAid built-in 42" French door and also a Jenn-Air. I'm trying to figure out how MUCH more worth it the Jenn-Air premium is. Plus it seems easier to get discounts on KitchenAid than Jenn-Air. I'm open to being convinced of other brands (just have to justify the premium).


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Best way is to look at both! Compare the features, shelves, lighting, temperature controls and readouts.

I guess none of the new Jenn-airs have the features my 2006, 48" built in JA has? It has crank up/down shelves in both fridge and freezer, it has 3 different temp settings in the fridge compartment, (Meat Keeper, Chrisper and main fridge), all digital readout and control. It is well lit, both the fridge and freezer. It uses the variable speed compressor, which according to an "Old Post", all whirlpool made fridges do, (alto I would double check that).

It has been trouble free except the icemaker falied after 5 years, (heater), a replacement cost me about $135 and took me 10 minutes to change it.

Just about all reviews, here in GW, are positive about the KA fridges, so either should suffice, just compare the features and if they differ from the KA to the JA, are they important enough to YOU, to pay the extra money?"

Compare warranties too!!!

I had originally thought I wanted a 42 inch built in fridge, but I can't tell you How HAPPY we are, that I found an extra 6 inches for the 48", something You "May" want to consider!

Good luck with your pending decision!!



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Thx very much good input and will definitely be looking them over (literally and figuratively) before the buy. I think we're stretching (space not $) to go 42 but would do 48 if could. Heck, I'd even double down for a 96! At least we have a fridge for garage.

I'm a little confused as to how much of today's Jenn-Airs are merely mockery of their ancestors, even though there are some good threads here from 2-3 years ago).

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