GE, KA or Electrolux induction cooktop?

GermannagirlJuly 27, 2014

Trying to decide but have not found much in the way of discussion on the GE products. I want a cooktop that will be flush with the countertop and otherwise I don't need a lot of bells and whistles. Do want reliability.

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We didn't want all the bells and whistles either.

We had those on the "Ultra Fancy" radiant smooth cooktop that was replaced with the Electrolux Induction Cooktop.
We just never used the timers, the bridging, etc etc but being a "Techquie" I bought it. Unfortunately it lasted less than two years!

Our Elux is an older model with the frame, and a divider between the cooktop and the touch pad~~~~which was a "Must have" as the old cooktop problem was grease~~~etc getting on the touch pad and creating all kinds of beeping and errors.

Well, I've not seem these type of complaints on ANY Induction cooktop so that was probably "over caution" on my part. The Elux has been trouble free for more than 5 years now, (but a discontinued model), ~~~so~~~~ you will want to goggle the newer model Elux induction cooktop + reviews.

I would say, here in Garden Web, the two most popular induction cooktops are the Bosch and the Miele.

Both have "Real Timers" and a lot of folks like the timers.

The KA's, at least the older models had relays that would click on/off at low power settings and some folks didn't like this. Personally I don't care for that design (On/off at low settings), where as the Electrolux and probably most of the other induction cooktops only send the needed power for low settings, rather than turning on/off. I verified this by watching the bubble pattern in a pan at low settings, the bubbles are continuous rather than coming and going as they would with a cooktop that turned on/off at low power settings.

Good luck on your upcoming decisions!


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