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summerMarch 6, 2011

I'm setting up a used cleaned-up desk top. I installed Windows XP Home Edition. I'm unable to connect to the internet. After spending time on the phone with my service provider, I was told the problem is the network card driver & that it was easy to fix but they could not offer help. I have yellow marks next to Ethernet Controller, SM Bus Controller, & Video Controller (VGA compatible). After reading previous posts, I went to the Dell site & entered the number & the downloads appeared.

I haven't a clue what to do next. Do I copy the files from my laptop & install them or purchase a net work card driver?

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For starters download the driver to the Laptop, then drag it to a flash drive. Insert the flash drive on the Desktop drag the file to the desktop and double click it.

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You shouldn't need to purchase a network card driver, Dell should have the appropriate driver as free download. The driver is simply the software that makes the network card function properly.

As Zep suggested, download the three drivers, use a flash drive to transfer them to the desktop, and install them.

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I hope you never purchased the copy of XP you have installed. With a Dell you should be able to use any copy of XP Home and install the operating system. When asked for the 25 digit code you use the sticker on the side of the tower NOT the code provided with the CD you are using.

When you use Windows Explorer (right click Start, click Explore) can you see 2 partitions listed down the left side? If so that second partition might still be the recovery partition and that would restore the computer to factory settings.

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What category driver do I want? I'm guessing it is Network.
The XP CD came with the computer. I was not asked for a code during installation. Hope I didn't goof there.

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That sounds like a recovery disk you're using, that disk will restore the computer to it's factory settings like it was when you bought it. Tell us exactly what it says on that Disk your using? Tell us the model # of the Dell too?

There's a difference between a recovery disk and an XP CD disk. Sometimes the computer can come with 2 recovery disks mine did. Does your disk say disk 1 of 2 on it by chance?

What's it say on the disk you're using exactly?

What model # of Dell?

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Reinstallation CD Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2. Use this CD to reinstall the operating system on a Dell computer. Service tag Optiplex GX 620. Don't know where/how to find the model #.

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PKponder TX

You won't need to enter a key with that reads the key from a partition on the hard drive and will only install on a Dell.

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Optiplex GX 620-------That's it.

Broadcom 57XX Gigabit Integrated Controller.

Here is a link that might be useful: Broadcom driver

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Thanks for your help. Before I download the Broadcom driver, I just want to verify the steps. Download above link directly to my laptop. From there drag to flash drive. Drag from flash drive to desktop. Correct? I'm afraid I might mess up the laptop. I've never done any dragging to a desktop before.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

then don't drag it just right click on the file you downloaded to your laptop, where ever you stored it be it your desktop or a folder, in the right click menu you should see send to and you will see your flash drive indicated there simply choose that to send to. Once all done go back to your laptop and delete the files you had stored there for this task.

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That's correct!

When you download the driver from the link I gave to the Laptop you're only downloading the set up file for the driver so it can't hurt the Laptop. Once it's on the Laptop desktop then left click on it and drag to flash drive, now it's inside the flash drive. Remove the flash drive, insert it into the Dell. Then drag it to the Dell desktop, once on the Dell desktop then double click it. Double clicking is what installs the driver to the Dell.

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Thanks again. That makes me feel a bit more confident. I'll report back after I have some time to do it.

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Well that was much easier than expected. However, I still cannot connect to the internet. Any suggestions?

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I still cannot connect to the internet.

What does that mean? What steps did you take?
You now have the network drivers installed presumably.
When you attach the CAT5 cable do you see a light appear beside the cable on the rear of the tower?
Do you see the lights flashing on the modem provided by your internet service?
Do you have a router after the modem and are there lights flashing on it?
If yes to either or both then remove the power cable attached to those for 30 seconds then re-connect so they can rebuild.

Or you can click Start
click Run
type ipconfig /release, hit Enter or click OK
A black screen pops and and instantly disappears.
click Start
click Run
type ipconfig /renew Enter or OK
The black screen stays a little longer this time.

Any good?

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What does device manger say is the yellow error gone by the network adapter? Please verify for me the name of the adapter as listed in device manager it should say Broadcom ....

Tell me how you connect this desktop to the internet, Do you use a Modem and a router, DSL, or dial up?

Since you just reinstalled I would thing the only browser available is Internet Explorer is that correct?

When you try to connect what is the exact error on the screen? Always try to connect to first, cause we always know that site is available.

1 Please provide all the device manager info asked for.

2 Details on how this machine is connected to the Internet.

Need help in device manager or getting there please ask?

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All the yellow errors remain. In device manager, no Broadcom. In All Programs there is Broadcom ASF Configuration. When clicked I get no network adapter selected. Yes, I only have Internet Explorer. Connected through high speed Cogeco cable.
Have a light in back & lights on cable box are lit. Message is this page cannot be displayed.........................& at the bottom cannot find server.
Maybe I need to do something further to actually install the network drivers? I do appreciate your patience.

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There has to be a name of the network adapter in Device Manager. It should be Broadcom something. I suppose it could be a different name like realtec 143 bla bla

When you open device Manager and see Network Adapter to the left is a + sign or arrow. Click on + or arrow that will expand the list for you. Tell me word for word what is listed in that category. Usually the first one listed is the Device we need. The device is always there, weather or not the driver is installed.

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Zep - I don't see anything like that. Just the yellow ?s & when I click Ethernet Controller, I get a box with the drivers for this device are not installed.(Code28) To reinstall driver.

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+Disk drive
+Display Adapters
+DVD/CD-ROM Drives
+Floppy Disk controllers
+IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
+Mice & other Pointing devices
+Network adapters
+Non Plug &Play Devices
+Ports (COM &LPT)
+Sound, Video & Game controllers
+Storage volumes
+Storage Devices
+Universal Serial Bus Controllers

That's what it should look like, But more importantly I found someone with the same issue as you so your not crazy.

Here's what they said,

"HI recently bought a secondhand OptiPlex GX260 P4 2.8Gb processor at a computer sale, companies that have gone bankrupt. Price was real cheap due to the fact that no CD programs were included.

I have managed to download the necessary audio, graphic, USB Package and Chipset drivers from Dell Downloads but still have one problem, the on-board Ethernet controller. Have aswell installed the SP1a for WinXPpro.

Ive tried using the following drivers to install the Ethernet controller and have had no luck, R41104,R49958, R54402, proxp64m and 3c90x1. When opening the Device Manager the only info under "Other Devices" is Ethernet Controller. When using Belarc Advisor the only info under "Communications" is None Detected and Network Card Mac Adress is 00."

Crazy Ha !!!!!

My Advice,

Go buy a Network Card for $20.00 at WallMart, Insert the card in the dell and connect the cable to it. It will come with the driver on a cd...

Here is a link that might be useful: See this link

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I agree the cards are very cheap easier to just get one and install it and go. Likely that card may be pretty old anyway.
I got one at Best Buy for under $20

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Thanks for all your help. Now, I will Google to see where that card goes. Is it a procedure that I could do?

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It's pretty easy to do. You can find the manual for the computer on this page. It will tell you how to open the computer cover, etc. I would open it up to make sure you have an open PCI slot. If so all you have to do is remove a screw to release a piece that covers an opening to the back of the computer behind the PCI slot, plug the card into the slot and then use the screw to secure the card using the same screw hole you removed it from. Close the computer and install the driver.

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Did you try contacting Dell? If you can get online, go to their 'live chat with a service technician.' They don't charge for that and you get someone fast. I found that more helpful than calling.


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Sumerday you can get a network card anywhere quite reasonable. The link below is for Wintronic and they have stores in Stoney Creek and St. Catharines. I like the guys in the St. Catharines store, very helpful. But the Stoney Creek store seems less friendly and whilst I know what I am doing without help it is always nice to have comments made to aid you if needed.. The St. Catharines store is on Ontario St perhaps a mile south of the QEW. The Stoney Creek store is on the northwest corner of Centennial and Barton.

If you go ahead and buy one it will come with a CD for the software. Installation is as simple as Bob notes above.

Here is a link that might be useful: Network cards

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That extra information is very useful. I will definitely check out those resources.
Owbist - I wasn't aware of that store & I'll take advantage of the helpful one in St Catharines. I need all the help I can get.
Probably a stupid question, but do I remove the Broadcom driver I installed?

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Let us know when you get the network card installed. Please bookmark this thread so you can come back to it. Don't start a new topic. I'll get some information on removing that Broadcom driver.

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Finally, found some time to install the card from Wintronic. When I try to access internet - No NIC exists message appears. In Device Manager all the errors (yellow ?s) are still there.

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You inserted the new network card in the appropriate slot making sure it was seated nicely and used the screw provided to fix it to the back plate then attached the CAT5 cable from your router or modem to the card right?

Did you then insert the accompanying CD into the computer to load the drivers?

Once you get the network card working and online you can visit the Dell site with that computer and have them scan for missing files where you still see those yellow markings.

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Owbist, yes, I did do that. There is only one slot that it fits into.

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