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cherryfizzMarch 27, 2012

I was having problems with some games on FB so I thought I would uninstall Flash and get the latest version. I download it and then as it was installing I get an error message saying Flash was did not install. I tried to read the troubleshooting page but I can't see what is wrong. I use Firefox which I just reinstalled also.

Earlier this morning when I turned on the computer a screen came up and said Checking File System C -NTFS - Volume Level IBM Preload. One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency. It then went through all the checks and rebooted. My OS is Windows XP

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer me in a way I can understand it.


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Check your Firefox plug- ins.

See link to do that below

Here is a link that might be useful: plugincheck

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My plug in say I have Shockwave Director up to date - is that the one I need? Thanks

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If I the Shockwave Director plug in is not the correct plug in how do I get the right one. I have been trying to find just a Shockwave Flash plug in. I have tried installing Adobe Flash numerous times.

On my Firefox Plug in Page there is a box and it says - Missing Flash? For your safety, Firefox has disabled your outdated version of Flash. Please upgrade to the latest version. I click on there link and still it won't install.


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Zep, thank you for helping. Just before I read your last post I went to the Adobe forum and other people were having the same problems tonight. Someone had already posted links using a 32 bit download so I tried that and it worked and the regular Shockwave Plug in showed up on my plug in page as enabled. I don't know what 32 bit or 64 bit means or even if I need the 64 bit but I will see if this works.

You helped me a few years ago with a computer problem I had so thank you again.


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You have windows XP. Most likely it's 32Bit

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Flash came out with a new version just hours ago.
And I think they might need to replace it with a update soon. Seems to have at least a couple of new problems suddenly.

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