Bah Humbug!!

nhardyDecember 7, 2010

I final put away all of my fall decorations. I finished clean my carpets today. I lost my sweet girl, cat, on Friday. She was 14. I'm finding it hard to get motivated to put up any Christmas decorations. I guess, I'll start one tree at a time.

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nhardy...I'm sorry for your loss.
It's a hard adjustment, and each day seems so strange without them. Having experienced this myself, with several pets, you never forget them, but over time, the hurt does lessen and what settles in, is the fond memories we have of them.
Do your trees, one at a time...and try to take each day one step at a time.


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Oh, that is such a shame. I too am a pet lover and know how they each become such an important part of the family. Losing them leaves a big hole both in our hearts and in our daily routines.

You have a good start with getting ready for the holiday. Maybe you could invite some friends over--knowing I have company coming always motivates me to get busy and get things done. ;o) I need to follow my own advice, I have the bins piled in the family room but not very motivated to get it all put in place! LOL


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jeannespines've been working just take it a day at a time...sorry for the loss of your pet...always heartbreaking. Enjoy the good memories. Jeanne S.

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So sorry to hear your sweet kitty went to heaven last friday. Losing those we love is especially hard this time of year. Maybe you can start by decorating a tree to celebrate her new life! Then the others will fall in line for you.

Clean carpets sounds wonderful. Makes me realize it's time to do mine again.

I will keep you in my prayers during this sad time.


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I'm know you are grieving the loss of your cat too much to feel any holiday decorating spirit right now. But once you start, hopefully it will be a distraction and keep you busy to help with your loss.
Our beloved animals sure can leave big holes in our hearts.

hugs, Karen

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I am sorry to hear about the loss of your dear cat.
Pets become part of our family.
It is hard to lose them.

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I am so sorry for your loss.
We lost our dog in August, and I'm still struggling. But I got a clear Christmas ornament from Michael's (not great quality; I'm on the lookout for a better one) and put his collar, tags and some sand and shells from the beach that he loved so so much. It will be the first ornament to go on the tree.
The Bible is very clear; animals are in heaven. That was a huge comfort for me.

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So sorry to hear that nhardy. Sending hugs, and maybe once you get a few holidy items out, it may lift your spirit. Losing a pet is so hard - our cat was gone for one day and I panicked.

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Nhardy, I'm so sorry. Our kitty is getting pretty old too and I know he's not long for this world. He's lazy and jittery and doesn't like to cuddle (Who ever heard of a cat who doesn't like to cuddy?), but when he goes, I will hurt.

I hope you are able to carry one through the season.

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