Wolf and Miele ovens and cooktops

mitzi011July 12, 2014

This is my first GW post (altho I've been reading it for months) - and my first (and last) major kitchen remodel. ��

We have been planning and researching the remodel for months now. �Our old kitchen is being completely gutted and the wall between the kitchen and dining room torn down and replaced with a peninsula, where the cooktop will be installed on the kitchen side. � The concept drawings are done and it's time for me to decide, once and for all, �on appliances. � �

For cooking, so far, �I think I'm going with the Wolf steam/convection combi and miele single wall oven. � And a Miele 30" induction cooktop with a Wolf 15" gas module. ��

I've read a lot about past temperature problems with the Miele wall oven, �but it appears that it's no longer an issue. �Still, I haven't read where anyone has said that definitively. � I really do want the rotisserie. � Is there any one model that's more risky? ��

It's because of GW that I'm leaning the way I am on the cooktops. �My peninsula will be 7' long. � �And it will be vented from above. � �I'm hoping that someone can let me know if I'm going in a bad direction.�

I would probably go with Gaggenau, �if that were an option, �but no one in my Virginia town carries it. �The closest I can get is 2 hours away, �and my husband is worried about getting things serviced. � �As it is, �I have to go an hour away for Miele appliances. ��

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Why not get the Miele combi? It has a broiler where the Wolf does not. They're just changing over to the new models, so deals can be had on floor models. I just got a Mieke combi-steam and 30" convection oven for 30% off the other day.

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I'm going to look at appliances on Monday - I'll see what thely can do for me.

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There was a section in the Miele Service Manual, (Not the Miele Operators Manual), where Miele detailed the fix for the low oven temps. It involved changing the Electronic Board which had a newer version of software on the board.

So one "Would think" that yes, the newer Miele ovens would not have the "Low temp Problem".

It would have been nice had Miele notified customers who had "said temp problem" about the fix but as far as "We know" here in Garden Web, they never did and the folks that complained about them, (again at least here In GW) are still "Living with the Problem".

We've only seen a couple reviews of the newer Miele ovens, and no complaints~~~~as far as I can recall!

Myself, I've had my Electrolux Oven for 8 years now and completely trouble free. Electrolux offered the fully gliding out shelves ~ several years before Miele copied it, and at least with the Elux Icon models you got 3 glide out shelves instead of one. You also got a removable bottom in the oven, (something Wolf is going to in their new ovens).


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If Elux were available around here, it, along with Gaggenau, would definitely be in the mix.

So, I'm on the fence about the main oven, but I'm leaning towards the Miele because of the rotisserie. Is a removable bottom a clear advantage? I like the capacity of the Wolf combi and the location of the water receptor.

Am I good on my cooktop choices? My hood, as planned, is 36". Do I have the room in my peninsula for both the induction cooktop and the gas module?

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We never use the "Self Clean" on the oven for 3 reasons.

(1) I don't want to give our "Greedy Power Company" the money to clean it~~~~recall some of them went to jail a few years back for Price "Shenanegans" and creating a "Fake shortage"?

(2). With the removable bottom on the Elux, it is very easy to clean it ourselves. Unfortunately Elux discontinued the removable bottom in the newer models.
Wolf copied that removable bottom in their new models in the hopes it will help to eliminate their porcelain chipping problems, but were it to occur, one would only have to replace the bottom of the oven, (as this was the area that "most of the chipping problems occurred).

(3) I've read enough posts about problems that "All ovens"
have had after a self cleaning, (The latest being glass breaking on a GE oven).
Also no manufactures have "REally found the Secrete on how to place the electronics so they don't get hot~~~~~they should look at direct vent fireplaces on how to do that~~~~but right now they just took the older designs that did not have Electronics and added "Pyrolytic Cleaning."

Sooo, if you choose to self clean your oven, if it were a Wolf, yes the removable bottom might be a help, we shall see, after the new Wolfs come out. Since I've read very few complaints about the interior of the Miele ovens having problems after a self clean~~~~then probably not important as far as the Miele goes, but it you choose to clean it yourself, as we do, then the removable bottom is really an "Asset"~~~~~(at least to Us)!


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The current (not the new ones coming out) Miele combi steam has the water reservoir underneath the control panel, similar to Wolf. It makes the usable capacity bigger than the older model.

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