Pictures of completed bathroom

dedtiredAugust 30, 2010

Hi. I took some pictures of my new bathroom. It's still missing accessories (& a TP holder!) so it looks a bit bare.

Here are the details for those who may be interested:

Tub: Kohler Expanse (I adore this)

Handheld Showerhead: Grohe Relexa Rustica

All other fixtures: Kohler Kelston

Sink: Kohler Ladena undermount

Vanity: Bertch Morocco in Fawn (?)

Toilet: Kohler Memoirs Stately

Exhaust fan: Panasonic

Heated floor: EasyHeat

Subway & Floor tile: Vallelunga Villa Adriana in Calcatta (porcelain)

Glass tile: Crystal Stone Mosiac in Ivory

Shower Rod: Moen Curved

There were a few glitches along the way, but not many and I am very pleased with the result.

Tub / Shower area:

Close up of niche and subways:

Vanity area with glass shelves to the right:

Detail of backsplash and Kelston faucets:

Kohler Ladena sink

Switches and dials! Thermostat for floor

Floor and my toes (I'm Not a Waitress by OPI):

If I can give you any more info, just ask. I got plenty of help by reading this forum. Thanks for looking!

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Absolutely, gorgeous! (and that's my fave nail polish too!)

I have a couple questions for curiosity...

Why didn't you go all Kohler or all Grohe fixtures in the shower? I like both brands, so just wondering...

I noticed you have a mechanical crank that for the heater in your Panasonic. That's the exact same one I bought for my heater but until I can get a three gang box in my bathroom, it's in storage for now.

Why did you decide to use EasyHeat instead of NuHeat or other floor heating systems?


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The salesperson at Ferguson said that Grohe makes a better handheld than Kohler, so that's what I got, and I like it a lot. My contractor recommended EasyHeat for the floor. The crank timer is for the exhaust fan -- I don't have a heater, just a fan. It's simple to give the timer a twist whenever ventilation is needed. I let it run for 15 - 20 minutes after showering.

Who knows if I made the very best choices. All I know is that I am mostly satisfied now! Thanks.

Oh, and my favorite color is "Your Villa or Mine?" but I needed a color to match an outfit for a wedding!

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Very nice! I think the tub is absolutely beautifully designed and built. I also really like the sink - new and different, but not something that will go out of style. I'll have to look at the Ladena for my remodel. Thanks for posting the pictures and including the brands/models.

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Soothing and beautiful! That tile is so pretty and I love the style of tub.

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Oh it's so beautiful, all the materials and colors coordinate perfectly. Very soothing! I love that tub, this is the first time I've seen one that curves out like that. Well done!

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great job! relaxing color scheme, and i too love that tub. the vallelunga tile looks great - that was on my short list of tiles, but i could not find a local supplier.

what wall color did you use?

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It turned out really beautiful...CONGRATULATIONS...must be a pleasure to spend time in there.

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Jean Bo

Beautiful job, everything blends so nicely and I know that is a tough job. Looks really beautiful and you will enjoy it very much.

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Love, love, the Kohler expanse tub! I wish I had enough room for it, but, alas I don't. I like the soothing color scheme, too. Very classical!

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Beautiful bath! I'm curious about your vanity sink countertop. It is very pretty and I love the subtle color.

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Thanks for your nice words! The color is White Mint from MAB and the vanity top is granite, but I don't know the name. It did need to be sealed.

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That tub looks amazing. More space inside for a 60/32 spot. One question though:

What do you think about the durability of the acrylic tub? One contractor is telling me to go cast iron. The other says it doesn't matter anymore. We'll only be here 5 years tops before moving, so honestly I'm not worried about 20 years down the road (sorry to the next guy). I just know I like space.

Also, what vent fan did you use? Is it part of the light system or separate? Thanks!

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I don't know what you could possibly do to an acrylic tub to make it wear out. I had a cast iron tub that lost it's finish and had to be refinished, but I don't think that can happen with acrylic, however others may know more than I do on that topic! For five years, I'm sure acrylic will be fine, even for the next guy. I'm surprised the contractor recommends cast iron because it will be so heavy for him to lift.

The Expanse tub is all one piece, so it has a sturdier feel than the Devonshire or Archer. I believe they have removable aprons. My neighbor has the Devonshire and it was far more flexible than the Expanse.

The vent fan is a Panasonic and the light is separate.

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thanks for the replies. by the way, how far from the tiled wall does the tub come out (depth from where you're standing)?

It says 38 inches online, but I'm curious if that's actual once it's installed.

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From the tiled wall to the widest part of the tub on the outer edge is 36". The edge is 4 inches, so the widest interior measurement is 32".

Originally I was going to have a separate shower stall, but when I saw the estimate for that work, I nearly passed out. I was delighted to find the Expanse because it gives me nearly as much room for showering as the 38" neo-angle stall I had thought I would get.

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If that tub was an air tub it would be the PERFECT tub! I love how wide it seems to be. A builder my husband works for puts in a shorter but WIDE tub like that. Don't know if it's this tub or not but I've never seen one like it till now. What a wonderful and serene (was going to say soothing but that's been used already) (g) bathroom you've created! The color on the walls is perfect. Job well done!

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Dedtired, your favorite color YOUR VILLA OR MINE a paint or a nail polish?

I'm the kind of person who gets intrigued by paint names, and if it is a paint, please provide the brand?

Love the softness of the tile color combo around the sink it all comes together wonderfully well. The vanity mirror looks like a Kohler style. I bought one from which has the same dimensions, forget the series, but it is a Kohler.

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Your Villa or Mine is an OPI nail polish color! Their names are so clever. I've always wanted a job coming up with names for paint or carpets or nail polish. The paint on the walls is White Mint -- how unoriginal.

No, the vanity is a Rohl. It's quite plain and has mirrors inside and out. You can also close it with quite a slam and it is very solid.

I would have loved an air tub, but every one I saw was so loud it would have shaken my house off it's foundations. I rarely take baths. I love a shower and the Grohe handheld has made showering a real pleasure.

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I love your bathroom, it is gorgeous!

I have one burning question for you. We are considering putting our vanity into a niche in the wall, much like yours. Do you feel crowded when you use it? I'm worried about elbow room, I just can't get a feel for how it will function in day to day life. How wide is your vanity? We have a 32" wide space to use & the front edge will be flush with the wall it is on. I'm sure it will be fine for handwashing, but tooth brushing & face washing have me concerned.


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You are so nice to say that. Some of the bathrooms I see here are amazing. Mine is more modest.

The vanity is 30 inches wide and 22 inches deep. On the right, the wall ( the one with the opening for the shelves) extends out only 13 inches so there is plenty of elbow room if you are right handed, which I am. A leftie might be bumping the wall if they brush their teeth with a lot of gusto! I have not elbowed the wall yet.

The medicine cabinet has the hinges on the left and opens on the right so it does bump the wall when it's opened, but it only loses about an inch or so of "swing" area.

At first the vanity area felt a bit tight, but I am used to it now and it's just fine. Good luck with your new bathroom.

Oh -- my name is Pam, too!

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Just re-reading some of this. I meant to say the medicine cabinet is a Rohl, not the vanity.

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I really like the tile you used. Where did you purchase it?
And if you don't mind saying, how much did it cost?

Thanks for sharing!

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All the tile and stone you see, including the new threshold, the sills for the niche, the grout and also a pre-formed niche came to $2300. This did not include the granite vanity top.

The glass tiles were $28.99 a square foot.

I bought it from a wonderful tile shop in the Roxborough / Manayunk section of Philadelphia called Gravena. They were wonderful and let me haul home all kinds of samples. I could not recommend them more.

I've seen the Vallelunga tile for sale on line, so I imagine it is available at many tile stores.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gravena Tile

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I have never been a big fan of the subway tiles. But I've got to tell you I love the way you have used them! Now I'm thinking that they might just work for me. Is keeping the grout clean a problem?

I love your bathroom, fantastic job!

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Thanks for the info on the sink width & lack of elbow-bumping :)

Also for posting the price of the tile. I saw a show on HGTV last night where people redid their master bath (incl new jetted tub & vanity & toilet) for $4100 and I was thinking, "What?! I think my materials budget will be at least that!" Then I totalled it ... and I was right.

I feel a little more normal now that I see your tile budget. Thanks!

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I've watched those HGTV shows too, and wondered what world they live in. Maybe if they do ALL the labor themselves, a small reno would be possible, but even then I doubt it.

KTMAst, I haven't had the bathroom long enough for the grout to be an issue. I am faithful about running the exhaust fan after every shower so I'm hoping that will discourage any mold growth. I let it run for 20 - 30 minutes. Thanks for the nice words about the subway tile. I had to make so many changes to the plans that in the end even I was surprised by the finished product. I really got to the point where I was close to saying oh hell, just give me anything and be done with it.

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Mick Mick

Beautiful! I love the colors and all of your choices. Enjoy!

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OMG it is beautiful, I love your choices. Very timeless and serene.

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Love your bathroom, thanks for sharing all the product names, I now have my sink!


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First of all, beautiful bathroom! I'm exploring some tile ideas for my mom's bathroom remodel and was wondering if the floor tiles you chose are slippery? I love the look of them as well as the subways, but my mom is elderly so floor traction is definitely an issue.

Thanks in advance!

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Would love to know the dimensions of your sink. So sharp!
Who makes it?

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Wow, this thread popped back up. Nice.

Yes, the floor tiles are slippery and that's a bit of a disappointment. I have to be sure to step on the bath mat when getting out of the shower. I saw tiles that had ridges in them and that would have been a better choice, but at least these are pretty.

The sink is a Kohler Ladena and it measures 12" by 18". I've been happy with it.

Thanks for the nice comments.

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Great job on the shower tile! LOVE IT!

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Nice remodel..really calm your choices.
I had a question about how you fit the vanity into the niche. I see its recessed into the wall on one end. Did you/your contractor build the wall after the vanity and granite was in place? If not, how much clearance did you account for to slip the vanity+top into the space?

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Sorry, just read you list of materials. Love the sink!!

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The bathroom was expanded into two small adjoining closets, and so the wall to the right of the sink was new. As I recall, the contractor built the wall first. He knew the size of the vanity beforehand. Then he drew the template for the granite top, so it was made to fit, and does so nicely.

Thanks again for all the nice words. My old bathroom was a 1947 original and pretty much of a wreck, so this has been a delight.

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Hi dedtired,
Really lovely bath... you must be pleased to get so many responses. I was hoping I might bother you about another detail as I am having a "debate" with my tile installer and it appears that you have done what I would like to do.
What material did you use for the vertical molding that meets the edge of the tub and then drops to the floor? Also would you happen to have a photo that shows how you finished this edge at the ceiling?

And finally, is that built in cabinetry or shelving to the right of the tub?

Many thanks,

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HI I have a small bath and looked all over fro a beautiful bath for inspiration, love having a tub too. I saw your pics to help with my project. Mine turn out alot different, but I used yours as a guide because its so pretty. Thank u 4 sharing.

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That's so nice, cdf123. Thank you. I would love to see pictures of your finished bath.

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A really nice job, dedtired. After 5 years of use, would you have done anything differently?

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Well, yes. The floor tiles are a bit slippery. I should have used something textured or small with more grout. The glass shelves to the right of the sink are not completely easy to access, but still they are useful. I love having the larger tub because of the space for showering, although I worry that the high sides will be a problem when I am older. The tub also is so large that I have to get in it to clean it! Altogether I am enjoying the bathroom, especially the heated floor in the dead of winter. I also like the comfort height toilet and the handheld shower head.

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