Rockin' Christmas breakfast table

luvstocraftDecember 23, 2010

The first time OA and I met, we exchanged gifts with each other. These are the placemats and little rocking horse napkin holders she gave me. Aren't they the cutest things? The centerpiece rocking horse has been hanging out at my house for years--I don't even remember when/where I got him! I was thinking about using my red chargers and Christmas Holly plates--but they would cover up the pretty placemats! This setting should work for mixed fruit, french toast, oj, and coffee don't you think? ;o) Thanks again,OA,they make me smile and I just love them! Luvs

The semi "Candy shot" just from standing on a chair. ;o)

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Very cute, luvs! You've come up with a WINNER using those glass plates on your newest placemats! Love this one, too...& a very cute centerpc...with that big red bow & the pretty greens & flowers. OA's gifts are so darn cute...those rockin' napkins rings! ...& the snowflake red napkins are perfect! FUN FUN t'scape...would luv to have breakfast here! TFS! Jeanne S.

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You must know I'd love this!
Cute how the napkin rings go so well with the centerpiece horse you've had for years!
Your snowflake napkins are really pretty!
But I went nuts over the rocking horse placemats that OA found for you! Such a pretty horse! I'm glad you used clear plates so he wasn't covered up.

This is one 'rocking' table for sure! (nice going, OA)
hugs Karen

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I'm with Karen, it's amazing that your napkin rings and centerpiece look like they were made over each other. Very cute theme for Christmas!

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Adorable!!!! You are getting really good at 'thinking out of the box' for tablescapes!

I also see some of your cri-cut in the picture. Can't wait to see what my gdaughter is going to think of hers for xmas!

Oh, and I did find card stock papers on sale at Michaels this week, so she is set with plenty of paper for a while!

Thanks for all your help with the Cri-cut!!

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So cute! Those placemats just make the table, and that rocking horse is adorable. What is your flatware pattern?


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Glad you enjoyed this,my DH really liked it too. Were you all being polite and not mentioning my upside down bowl candleholders???? LOL I wanted more color than just the clear glass candleholders so looked around to see what else I had and spotted those bowls. Now that I think about it, I could have put a small white dish on top of them. Will try that next time. ;o)

Jeanne, the big red bow is not just to go along with the rest of the red on the table. My rocking horse has "pink" all along his side and I was trying to cover most of it up because I didn't want to have to paint it red! He sits in my living room next to a plant pretty much year round so the pink works. However, since I like this ts so much, this just might be the year he gets painted and kept with the Christmas things. He was a music box that rocked, but has been loved by little GD too much and doesn't play music anymore, so now he can "retire" to being a centerpiece. ;o)

Karen, knowing how you love horses, I imagine these really caught your eye. I'm pretty sure OA said she had bought the fabric, cut them out, and sewn the bindings on herself. She claims not to be "crafty" but we all know she is VERY crafty, creative, and talented, don't we? ;o)

Pat, my DH sent me a catalog from the Navy PX when he was stationed in Thailand many many moons ago and I selected a china pattern and this flatware. I have no idea what the pattern name is--I'm not really into names, just buy what appeals to me. ;o)

Yachter, yes, the little blocks are a Cricut creation. Your granddaughter is going to have lots of fun with hers, I'll want to see lots of pictures. The fun part is that you can add things like buttons, ric rack, flowers, glitter, etc. to really personalize your creations. ;o)


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Well you fooled me with those upside down bowls! They look perfect I think. I'm glad you didn't put a white saucer on top, it would have sort of hidden them IMO.

hugs, Karen

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You made such a great tablesetting with them. Glad your hubby likes them too.

Yes, I did put binidng around the fabric. It is one of those panel prints that you buy that has the place mats printed on it. You have to buy two at a time because that's how they're printed. The rocking horses were Christmas Tree ornaments. I just cut off the gold loop.

Glad you are enjoying them.

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what a cute table setting and isn't it just amazing how things can be pulled from the past and given new life. Loved that you used the clear plates so the placemat show through - don't need chargers when you have such cute placemats .....


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Luvs, you carried out the theme beautifully. I love the clear plates because sometimes you just don't want to cover up the pretty placematts. All the bright Christmas colors really put a smile on my face.

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Thanks everyone, it was fun to put together. Have a Merry Christmas. Luvs

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Love, love, love your table. So bright and cheerful.

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Some how I missed this post, and I couldn't let it go without a comment. I love it. It is so colorful and fun. I have got to remember that idea with the clear plates and placemats, it could be used so many ways.

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Thanks Nana and Frou, I'm glad you enjoyed seeing it. Frou, I had bought those clear plates at Walmart to use on a tiered stand that I had bought--was so glad to have them to use on this table and the Bah Humbug one as well. While we all love dishes, sometimes the placemats are just too pretty and fun to cover up! :o)


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Luvs...I'm so glad I didn't miss this table..It ROCKS for sure!!
I agree with everyone on such a great idea using the clear plates over those placemats. I love them..and I like how you carried the theme with your cute napkin rings and centerpiece. Such a clever idea using the bowls for candleholders. They work perfectly adding nice height to the table. I think everything looks so festive and cheery.

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Glad you got to see it Jane, as you know, I don't manage to come up with too many tablescapes! LOL

Now I'm trying to think about something for New Year's Eve. I think I painted a baby New Year guy last year so will have to go try to dig him out. Saw some top hats at Dollar Tree, just paper with glitter, but I didn't buy one yet. We'll see what I can come up with. LOL


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Luvs, your table is so pretty. Great job adding your cp to match the placemats and napkin holders from OA. Wonderful job using those pretty gold candles on the bowls. I would of never guessed they fit so well.

The clear plates was such a great idea on this table. Cute JOY blocks you added. I really like the snow flake napkins you used on here too.

Mixed fruit, french toast, oj, and coffee sounds like my kind of meal. I fix breakfast for dinner every once in awhile because it is one of my favorite meals.


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Very pretty. I love the traditional colors and the rocking horse!

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I rember your 'Baby New Year'..he was a cute little fella.
I'm sure he's just waiting to be 'Dusted Off' to Ring In The New Year.
The top hats sound like they'd go along perfectly with him and make a great theme for your table.
By the way, don't be so hard on your tablescapes...I've enjoyed every one you've done, and I'll look forward to this one too.


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