Corner shower help

JIMFDNY911August 11, 2013

We have limited space , approx 34 by 34, to install a corner shower in guest bathroom.
Can anyone suggest a manufacturer or brand that produces a quilty unit?

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I don't have a recommendation, other than asking if you have stood in a corner shower? We installed one ~ 20 years ago in our last house in a guest bath, I figured something was better than older, wiser, and unfortunately, bigger, I find most corner showers very squishy. Just make sure you actually stand and try to move around in whatever you choose before you buy it. We were originally planning a 48X48 corner shower in our present guest bath, and I'm so glad we changed it to a 48 X 36 rectangle...actually much more room inside.

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Do you want just a base, or a complete unit with walls?

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My son recently moved into a house with a neo-angle corner shower 36x36. He can't wait to remodel. Don't drop the soap and expect to be able to pick it up!

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If this is the amount of room that is available though, there may not be much choice. Not everyone can magically make their houses larger. Saying "don't bother if you can't make it bigger" is really a non-productive suggestion for a bathroom, because then it's just a powder room.

On the super sturdy end of the market.
Creative Terrazzo makes a 34" Neo Angle.

In the mid-range, Swanstone makes a 36" Neo-angle if you can find a few extra inches.

Maax makes a Neo Round at 32"+

Dreamline makes acrylic ones in Neo Round at 33"

I hope one of these works. Your guests may appreciate not having to hose off in the yard because you were afraid to put in a shower that was small.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dreamline.

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I am presently looking for a neo angle shower base minimum 36" . We had one in our previous home and found it satisfactory in size. With limited space I would rather utilize it in other areas of the bathroom where we spend more time. I am wondering about the material of the base. Which is best. Any thoughts? Swan stone or acrylic?

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