Maste bath layout help needed

madtown_2006_gwAugust 22, 2013

Hi everyone, I posted awhile back about my master bath, but the project got delayed (no surprise there!). I'm ready to start planning again and would like some help with the layout. The bathroom is about 5.5 feet by 8 feet. The main goal is to create a bigger shower because the current neo-angle is tiny.

The sink/vanity will stay roughly where it is, it will just be shortened to accommodate the toilet, which we plan to move across the room. The floor joists run N/S so we've been told moving the toilet will not pose too much of a problem.

Then we'd like to expand the shower and add in a small linen tower to make up for some of the lost vanity storage.

I'll attach some drawings of the current layout as well as the proposed layout. I apologize in advance that these are hand drawn. if anyone has any recommendations for websites or programs that I can use to draw up plans, that would be great.


For the proposed layout, we would move the shower fixtures to a new wall. The shower would then be in the NE corner across from the toilet. It would be a 36x44 rectangle. We would probably opt for a curtain for the time being, but eventually we would like a glass enclosure. We thought putting the shower in the NE corner would be nice because it would allow for some of the natural light from the window to come into the shower. We've been told that the shower fixtures can't be put on the east wall since the pipes wouldn't be able to cross the toilet drain/pipe. (I hope that makes sense?!)


Alternatively, we could keep the shower in the NW corner and put the linen cabinet in the NE corner. This is an attractive option since it would not the require the plumbing to change too much.

A third alternative would be to put something like this in the NE corner.

So we would add a pony wall and put the door/shower opening on an angle. Our linen cabinet would be where their towels are hanging. I think this would also be a slightly more costly option because we'd need to do a glass door from the get-go, and our contractor says framing out the angled shower is just slightly more labor intensive. Also, I have no idea how big this shower is - it looks great, but not sure if it would work for us. My husband loves this shower, though! I like the idea of the angle because then the door wouldn't open into the middle of the room so much, but on the other hand I think I might be "over" angled showers! I don't know, though, maybe if it was a bigger shower the angle wouldn't bother me so much.

My main issues is which corner makes more sense - does it make better sense to put the shower across from the toilet or the vanity? I'd like to consider the way the door will swing out, clearances, etc, or maybe I can go with a sliding door?? I have no idea what questions I should be asking myself or what things I should be considering. And that is where you all come in. :-) Any thoughts for me??

Thanks so much!

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Hi - I'm trying to visualize... does the door to your bathroom swing in to the bath - if so, which direction?

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I like the way you've drawn the proposed: with the shower in the northeast corner. It's better for the bathroom door to "interfere" with the linen closet door than the shower door.

I'm not a fan of neoangle showers unless they're large ones, because they cut out some of the usable space.

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Since this opens into the master bedroom and is not a hall bath, how would you feel about a bifold door that opened against the linen closet? They don't always have to be mounted to a ceiling track, it could be hinged and held by a magnetic catch like a large shutter.

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The bathroom door opens into the bedroom, so that is not an issue. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear - when I say " I'd like to consider the way the door will swing out, clearances, etc, or maybe I can go with a sliding door??" I meant the shower door. The shower door is the main reason why I would consider another neo-angle...I hate the current one. But, the new shower will be larger, just not sure if it will be large enough to make a neo-angle that I don't hate! Ha


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