I'm back again..- with pictures to share! (pic heavy)

slinkeyDecember 13, 2011

Hi everyone...last time I posted, it was right after a

family Christmas Party I hosted. I was going to share some pictures, but things don't always go as you plan.

My Dad got very sick with pneumonia. He's a tough 90 yr old...(he doesn't take meds at all) so he responded well to the antibiotics. Insisted on going home after two days because there are 'germs' in Hospitals...I can't argue with that. He's doing much better now even though this has slowed him down some. Wish I was as touch, I'm running on empty and have been really dragging with all the running back and forth.

Anyway...I was able to take some time the other night to take some pics to share. I almost feel Christmas has come and gone since I put these decorations up so early, and so much has happened in between.

Hope you enjoy what you see.

Kitchen counter with a few new additions from last yr.

The black iron tiered tray is from GW.

Red & White shade is also GW. I mounted it on a glass canning jar.

The cookie cutters were DM's. She gave them to me eons ago. Vintage egg beater was from Flea Mkt.

White Hutch..with CTS dishes from last year.

Added in some old and new pieces with the dishes.

The red boot is over 30 yrs old..the Cardinal Tea Pot I found at GW 'in the box' for $3!

Seems I got 'Cardinal envy' after seeing Karen's Cardinals...so I HAD to have some of my own!!

I'm off to take some more pics to post..

I'm looking forward to checking out all your posts too..

seems like 'It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas' around here!!


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I always LOVE seeing what dishes you put in your white hutch!...love those CTS dishes from last yr ... looks so lovely w/cardinals, candlelight & those red boots! Those reindeer flying 'over' looks like a silhouette! Cute!

The mix of 'gingerbread' & old & new on your counter looks good! For one of my DD gifts this yr, I hunted for something 'Gingerbread' to go w/GB soap I got her & some pretty new towels for the bath ...& at HLobby, there were TONS of gingerbread dolls, ornies, lots of goodsies...so I found one today about 8" tall that bouncies on a 'spring' (like you would imagine a boxed mattress spring)! LOL!

Jane, I am also lovin' the potted pinecones I've seen ...cool idea & looks 'Wintery' on your red shelf. TFS & lookin' forward to more! Jeanne S.
Get some rest (while you can for a bit before Christmas) & hope your Dad keeps responding to the meds & feels much better soon)

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Jane, you've sure been busy this year looking after your Dad after his fall and now this. I'm glad to hear he is responding well to the meds and hope he will be well soon.

I love the way you take pictures. Sure makes them look so warm and cozy. I remember your red shelf, loved it then and love it now. Nice find on the tiered metal piece and the little lampshade. Nice that you have your Mom's cookie cutters--good memories.

You decorate your hutch's so nicely. Did DH build the white one, I was thinking you might have said that. It sure is a nice piece. Know what you mean about cardinal envy after Karen shared all her neat bird items. It's easy to get snagged like that on this forum! LOL

I think you need a nice fire in the fireplace, a cozy throw and a hot cup of tea to just sit and rest up and enjoy your lovely home.

Blessings to you,


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Jane, you have had way to much running in your life lately. Hope DDad gets over the pneumonia and back to normal soon.

So wonderful to have you posting your beautiful decor. I always love seeing your counter tops decorated. I really like the black iron tiered tray you found and decorated. Nice way to share your DM's cookie cutters. I have some like that.

Beautiful job decorating your white hutch. Love the lg wht pitcher on top w/poinsettas. So many pretty plates and that cardinal boot is awesome. The little jar by it with cherries is so cute too.

It's even more special with the candle light. Hope to see more soon. Take care of yourself so you don't end up getting sick. BTW, how's the PT going? Any change?


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Gorgeous as ususal!
Sorry to hear about your Dad, but glad to hear he is responding to the meds.
Take care of your self, it won't help if you get so run down that you get sick too!!
I LOVE your white hutch and you always decorate it so beautifully!
Just like your sign, this brings me "Christmas Joy."
BTW, great finds at your GW. That lamp shade is perfect with all your peppermint decor!

It is so fun to see everyone's decorations!

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Your Dad is about one of the toughest guys I know! Hooray for him. Pneumonia is so scary, and hospitals too. He was wise to get home to recover I think. Give him a hug from me and tell him he's got an "admirer" in Phoenix. ;o)

Maybe its a good thing you decorated early, I know you are ready for a break and some down time. That black tiered tray on your counter is neat. I really like that kind of stuff for decorating, thanks to this Forum! EVERYTHING on your counter is so cute and I've looked at it several times already.
Love the way you decorated the white hutch too. Very pretty! You really have a way of putting things together
and I always enjoy seeing what you come up with. Your home is so inviting and warm, I just want to come in and sit down and have a cup of tea while we chat.

hugs, Karen

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Everything is so cute and Christmassy!!! I love your hutch. I know a lot of people think they are old fashioned and dated, but I am a real softy for hutches!! My house would be full of them if it wouldn't make me look crazy :) My most favorite thing is that cute little striped lampshade with the buttons on it. So clever and cute.

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Jane, first let me say that I'm glad your Dad is recovering so well.

Your kitchen Christmas decor is so pretty. I love the little shelf with the egg beater and the jar full of cookie cutters.

Mounting that cute striped lamp shade on the jar of red and white mints was brilliant!!

I love everything on your hutch The CTS plates are perfect there, and can you please send me those reindeer asap?

Please take a break put your feet up and enjoy everything you've done.

Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful creativity


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