is this legit? Malware question

shaddy101March 21, 2011

Just tonite, have been getting Malwarebytes blocked a trojan, blocked a malicious website, etc., those windows that come up in the lower right hand corner. Ran all scans, nothing shows, is this a legitmate worry, or is this something to scare folks? Never had this before, and am curious about it. All browers show this IE Chrome, and FF, so am wondering if it is just my computer?

I also have XP if needed to help splain!

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Is that the paid version of Mawarebytes? Must be..

If Malwarebytes blocked a Trojan and a malicious website then it's doing its job an nothing to worry about really. That's why scans don't show anything.

Are you getting these blocked messages on one particular site?

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this is a site I visit daily sometimes 2 or more times, never had this happen before, so was wondering, is this gonna happen every time I go to this site now?, or ...

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Same thing happened to me today. Scared the **rap out of me! It only happened with a website I visit daily also. It was a Real Estate site I am sent from my Realtor. I've been using it for over a year and suddenly I'm told Avast was blocking a Trojan.

I ran all scans, nothing showed. When you clicked on the warning, you were taken to Avast website trying to get you to buy the paid version (I have free). When I opened Avast, I noticed an exclamation saying something about a failed update. When I updated, it loaded a new version which required a restart.

Now the warnings are gone. I've been back on the real estate site tonight without problems. Check to see if you have the yellow exclamation.


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I had the same kind of incidents with Avast, one would not allow me to play a game I have been playing for more than a year. I switched to MS Security Essentials because of Avast's false positives and haven't had a false positive since.

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Jane, thanks for your response, I noted last evening before I shut down, an update for Avast haven't been to the site yet today, but will let you know what happened, and if I can, will do a manual update for sure.

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No interference at the site,
so far, so good, got my fingers crossed, and thanks for the info Jane, will keep that at the ready IF it ever occurs again, which I hope it doesn't. I was feeling so good about the computer behaving well lately, and that had to happen, now, I am back to being cautious again. Can't ever stay just even keel it seems.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

ok I am not understanding this at all you stated it said Malwarebytes stopped a trojan?? so why would AVAST have anything to do with it they are not even related.
Zep asked if you have the pay version of Malwarebytes on your pc?? do you? it is an important question in this scenario.
That is exactly what security programs are supposed to do when you go to a site that has something malicious on it, they pop up and block it from installing on your pc so no you would not see anything in a scan because the program worked and blocked it before it could get in.

But with out answers on what Malwarebytes you have we can only guess.

and if it happens frequently on the site I would not be going there. Many times it can be in an ad on the site and the site owners don't even know it is happening.

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I do not have paid anything for virus or malware, I might have been mistaken when it said something stopped a trojan, the colors were closely the same in both scenarios, and I was so shocked, to see something like this, am not sure anymore, all I know is I believe they are gone!, this is a site I visit often, visited by many people, much like this site, and feel the site has good protection for those that come. In stating that, I also remember a screen that came on much like another poster talked about here, the one that is close to 404 or sumpin like that, like timed out, but all is well now, and things are back to normal? or as close as they ever are, and I am not skeered anymore about things. That was sumpin that shocked the dickens out of me, and hope it never happens again. Thanks to all that responded, and appreciate your concerns.
Seems to me after updating automatically, Avast is back to normal operation, and doing it's thing!

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You need to understand how this software works. Part of the detection processing is comparing the information on your computer (or the information coming into your computer) against a list of known threats. Think of it this way, you're given a picture of a person and asked to pick that person out of a set of, say, 1,000 people. You'd go through the pictures looking for gender, ethnicity, skin color, eye color, hair color, facial shape, etc. That's why anti-virus and anti-malware software need regular updates, to get that list of new threats.

But what happens for viruses released between updates? It's called heuristics but essentially it's a guessing game, trying to guess what the next virus might look like. Using our picture example, imagine not picking out the person in the photo but rather that person's brother. A lot more difficult, no?

Software companies have to walk a fine line between false positives (which will annoy you) and false negatives (which will infect your computer). In either case, you stop being a customer.

If you were frequently a well known site, it probably was a false positive. Especially if the problem goes away after the next software update.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

some of the most common sites have fallen prey to hackers using poor code or outdated scripts on a site to put into the site a malicious link, I am talking very reputable sites and the site owners have no idea it happened till they start getting feed back telling them it is happening then they find the culprit. So never assume the site is safe just best to say well I hope it is safe but will always use caution and keep my programs updated and run those scans regularly.

Do not be scared when you see something like this happen it is exactly what you want your program to do, I much prefer a false positive over the alternative! But anytime you have a question copy down the info that is provided so you can come here well informed so we can try to find out what the situation was. The name is essential because these days the rogue programs that are out there are very close in looks and names to the real programs so please do take the time to look at it closely and write down the exact name. Just to give you an idea take a look at this blog and the number of rogue infections that mimic the look and names of real security programs. Every day new ones pop up.
Malwares, Rogues, Scarewares

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It was AVAST which had the constant popup. I couldn't use the real estate site because it blocked it. I began to think it suspicious because I've used that site daily for years. It is a site from a specific real estate agency.

I wrote down the name of the Trojan but can't find it now. I did a search for it and couldn't find it through Google. The popup kept directing me to Avast site trying to get me to upgrade to their paid version.

I then opened the AV and noticed the yellow exclamation mark about a failed update. Once I updated, which required a restart, the popup stopped. I could not find info on the Avast website.

I suspect Mike is correct that the update was necessary for the program to operate correctly. If I didn't have a bit of savvy, I would have signed up for the paid version. It seemed the only option they offered to 'protect' my computer. I don't like that and feel many people could get scammed by that.

As I said, I Googled the Trojan and found no information under the name given.


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