Curb height: what is the code? Is less do-able?

oruborisAugust 9, 2008

I've been playing with my kerdi shower tray system, getting ready to install. The curb seems freaky tall to me, much higher than the curbs built into the fiberglass pans I've used in the past.

My elderly mother spends a lot of time at my house, will have her own room and bath, and it frankly looks like a bit much for her to step over on a daily basis. I suppose it's something you get used to, but looks like it could be a trip hazzard for the unwary, reguardless of age.

I'm tempted to forgo their curb, make something out of wood. Or possibly just cut their curb down a bit...

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The curbs I do are usually 5" high rough.

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Ours are being made right now! They will be 6 3/8 finished -- because the skirting tile that runs around the room is 6 and I wanted to use a full uncut tile. It is a bit high but it looks nice. As the shower is small, I am rationalizing that a higher curb will help contain the water better.

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Code spec is a Minimum of 2" and a Maximum 9" above the elevation of the finished drain.

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Go curbless! I am gathering the engineering knowledge of it for my masterbath (which is two years away).johnbridge has some great threads on how to accomplish that. kerdi/ditra are integral, i believe, for such a bathroom..I plan on doing a trench drain (where the entire shower slopes towards a long trench).

dont know about code but I recently saw a 200 luxury condo complex with all curbless showers...the sales person did not even mention it as a 'feature' (it is a great selling point).

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Just realize that even with "curbless", you still need a 2" height differential between the drain and the part of the bathroom floor that is not sloped.


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Code also requires that the floor of the shower must be pitched at not less than 1/4" per foot and not more than 1/2" per foot towards the drain.

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Here are images of the curbless + trench drain. Will have to work the pitch requirements into it somehow.

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My issue is this...curb height is also a factor regarding sewage. Curbs are what direct the s..t, rotten food, dirt, garbage etc to the sewer. When the curb is too low, as they are on my block, everything washes up and onto the sidewalks. Also, people with ZERO parking skills tend to drive right up on the sidewalks. It seems that every time there is road work with repaveing, the depth of the asphalt being scraped up isn't deep enough. The new layer is
thicker/deeper and there it is...less curb. I live in SF, and I am trying to find (if there is) a curb height minimum before my block becomes one long driveway!

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Another lost tool that fell out of the tool box. And it's no surprise that one one cared to claim it.

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only in s.f.

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It's an old post dredged up for no particular reason but even I (a San Francisco resident) have to agree...."only in s.f." :-)

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