some beautiful decorations

PurplemoonDecember 7, 2011

I am loving the WIDE mesh ribbon I'm seeing so much this year. I think its so pretty on trees and in garlands. I bought a silver mesh and used it on my living-room mantel garland. Haven't taken good

photos yet but will soon.

Meanwhile, last night I really enjoyed the decor of a blogger named Sheila, at notesongs.blogspot so

I emailed her and asked if I could save her photos in our inspiration albums. I told her about our albums and our forum. She responded this morning saying I could use any of her photos I wanted. I'm so glad.

I've put her tree, her GORGEOUS mantel, and her front door in our albums. But thought I'd share them

here with you too. I wish I could do a mantel loaded like this. But besides lacking the talent for something this grand, both my mantels are REALLY narrow and not easy to decorate. :o(

She used left over mesh for her front door garland and a pair of wreaths. Very pretty!

hugs, Karen

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Gorgeous!!! How does she get that wide decoration to actually stay on her mantel? I'm like you, my mantels (all 8 of them!) are all narrow. I have trouble just keeping my regular garland in place, let alone one loaded with decorations.

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All I can say is WOW!!

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That mantel is marvelous. I don't have a mantel but sure enjoy seeing how others decorate.


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Rafor, I use fishing line to 'tie' my garland on the mantel.
I have a tiny nail out of the way at each end to tie it too, and also one in the middle.

hugs, Karen

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Marlene Kindred

GORGEOUS!!! Yep, my guess is that she has the garland tied in some way it would stay there otherwise. And the way to get that "fat" garland is to layer it...use two greenery ones for the width, then lavishly attach the berries, ornies, etc. It's all about going overboard to get the look. But, it is certainly beautiful!

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Lots of people have used those command hooks. I have a client that uses those hooks for tons of heavy stuff with no issues. No drilling into the woodwork and they come off easily when you're done. I almost wanted to use them this year for my mantle garland, but already had holes for my nails so I just used those. Quite possibly the mantle pictured above is just secured well on the sides with nails or hooks and some wire with the center left hanging without any extra support.

If you have a narrow mantle you can still get a full garland up there. You'll probably want to swag the garland a bit in the center and make sure you have something to anchor the sides (hooks/nails). If you don't have room for something like a chunky candlestick to visually anchor the sides, just use a bow. You can buy just one regular garland and then fill it with greenery (I especially love boxwood and/or ferns). You could stop there with a natural look or at this point add all the ribbons and decor to fill in. Pinecones are awesome as most are lightweight and make great fillers...also love the texture they add. UGH, hope that wasn't too much info... I was so tired of decorating and now all of a sudden I'm itching to go and everything has been done.

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WOW! Gorgeous! Just a dream in my world! TFS, PM! Jeanne S.

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Bleigh, come on over!!!
Thanks for the information, I am saving it. For one thing, I've not tried the command hooks and probably should. But the one time I tried "loading" my mantel...with Fall just looked awful. I am not sure my are good enough. LOL.

Marlene, you're welcome to come help too. ;o) Actually last year I did double the garland on both my mantels and liked the look of it that way. This year I just didn't have the energy or enthusiasm to do more and took the easy way out in most of my decorating.

hugs, Karen

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I emailed Sheila and asked her about the garland, she is so sweet and responded right away with this about it...

" my mantel is about 9 - 10 inches deep. I place a nail in the very center of my mantel on the edge and one at each end toward the brick. My garland is really two garlands twisted together. I just take one of the wired ends and wrap it around and around the nails and then take another wired end and wrap! The garland itself is kinda heavy but the decorations are just picks so they don't make it heavier.
Hope this helps.

Shelia ;)

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