Dishwasher dilemma: Which would you do?

Helena2013July 18, 2013

I'm having the worst time deciding what to do with about the dishwasher in the house I just bought. The one that is there is on its last legs (actually probably just one leg, LOL). Here are my choices:

(a) I could buy a new dishwasher. I definitely want a stainless steel interior and would very much like a true heated dry cycle. After looking in stores all week, the only ones that impressed me at all were an LG LDS5540 at $675 (but no heated dry) and the KitchenAid ProScrub KUDS301X (which does have a heated dry but also a lot of bad user reviews) at the same price point. EVERY other dishwasher I looked at either felt cheaply made (including all the other KitchenAids) and/or had an interior racks layout that I didn't like/wouldn't work with at all. Sometimes both, LOL


(b) I could relocate the dishwasher from my current house, which is an 8 year old Miele that I originally paid $900 for (stainless interior, black which is the color I need, and has the cutlery tray which is the true honest reason that I bought it in the first place, LOL) and put up with the ridiculously long wash times and the lack of a heated dry cycle. This would have the advantage of being a "free" dishwasher BUT... my current house is for sale and in a high end kitchen I can't suddenly have an empty space where the dishwasher used to be, LOL. So I'd have to buy a cheapie dishwasher for, say, $300 (if I can even find one at that price, and which would look very weird in the same kitchen as a Wolf cooktop) and then pay my plumber probably $200 (at least) to move the Miele to the other location (not nearby) and hook it up. So to keep my "free" Miele would end up costing me $500. Makes me wonder if for another $200 or so, I should go with Option A which at least would have the benefit of being under warranty for a while. It's not like I'm madly in love with the Miele, by any means.

If it were you, which would you do? I'm just spinning my wheels at this point.

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If you happen to live near Long Island, I have an older black Miele that needs a home...

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I'd do option A, myself, although I know what you mean about the long unheated cycles. The "light wash" on my Maytag lasts 80 minutes. But I think it is better value to get a new DW than to try to move, reinstall and replace the Miele, especially since you're not in love with it.

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