Don't get Thermador 's induction cooktop, mirrored

milehihouseJuly 15, 2013

The 36" mirrored induction cooktop was on backorder when our other appliances were installed in March. It finally arrived and was installed in May. It randomly beeps and flashes an EE code on all the burners. This happens 4-8 or more times each day, often requiring that we flip the breaker to reset it. I've had six (6!!!!) appointments so far for Thermador to repair it. They've replaced a board, they've rerouted wires, they've cancelled appointments at the last minute because parts arrived broken, they've cancelled appointments at the last minute because parts are backordered, and now they want to try to replace yet another part before they'll consider replacing the cooktop. And that part is backordered too. So frustrating. Don't get this cooktop. Worst. Cooktop. Ever.

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Sad to hear your story.

Looking at reviews on AJMadison, Amazon, etc, The cooktop gets good reviews, lot of 5 stars.

Now I know that doesn't help You!!!!---butttt---The problem is "Lousy Service", unfortunately Thermador is not the only one with
the "The Service Plague"!

I had the same problem with a very fancy and expensive radiant, (Not induction) cook top.

They said I need a main cmptr board to stop the beeping, I didn't think so, since I'm an Electronic Engineer. They sent it, (I even had to pay for the part, even though I complained about the problem during the warranty period. I had to put the part in, they had NO SERVICE, (Caldera), as I suspected, it did NOT fix the problem,---I'm sure the problem was the touch pad.

Anyway, have you tried THOROUGHY cleaning the touch controls? If So, tell them to replace that, and I bet it fixes it.

I replaced that expensive "POJ"( with an Electrolux Icon induction cooktop. It had the touchpad divided off from the cooktop by a stainless steel strip. We Love it, and nary a problem in the 5 years we've had it, ----alto the model with the stainless strip has been discontinued.

Good luck with yours and do Try a THOROUGH Cleaning of all the touch pad controls!!!!!


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We have a 36" Thermador non-mirrored induction cooktop which has been trouble-free since installation over a year ago. We have contacted Thermador customer service twice, once to request the sensor strips which weren't in the box, the second time to ask what the load limit is. Both times they were polite and helpful. We got the sensor strips a few days after requesting them.

Does your cooktop fall under the lemon law? I don't remember how many times an appliance has to fail before it's officially a lemon and has to be replaced. It sounds like you're close to that limit.


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As I mentioned on the kitchen forum we've had ours for 5 months without any issues... Hope Thermador makes this right!!

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Thank you for your thoughts! Dodge, The cooktop flashes the EE message at random. Everything will be fine, no one will be near the cooktop, there are no breezes blowing on the cooktop, no loud noises, nobody's even looking at it and it flashes the EE code. (It's not the E error, rather it's the EE notification of something. But it flashes on ALL the touchpads for the burners.) When it was first installed, it only flashed EE and beeped when I turned it off. Now that it's been "fixed" several times, it malfunctions throughout the day. Wish I was an Electronic Engineer like you are to figure out what's going on. BTW I liked your "POJ" term.

The website for the cooktop is below; the entire surface looks shiny and clean, including the touchpad. Thermador's website calls it "New, redesigned Silver Mirrored Finish". I'm wondering if Cheryl and 2LittleFishies have a different cooktop? I'm happy yours is working 2LF; it gives me hope that replacement is a good option!

Cheryl, I've looked into Colorado's lemon laws a little bit, and so far can only find lemon laws that apply to new vehicles. Will call the Better Business Bureau tomorrow for more info! I'm wondering how the lemon law would deal with appointments they make and cancel the day of... ("Clear your schedule and we'll be at your home between noon and 4 PM." Then they call at 10 AM to report that they opened the box with the new part and the new part was broken. Or I call them at 2 PM and they report that the part is backordered.)

Will keep you all posted. Thanks for your thoughts!

Here is a link that might be useful: Thermador Induction Cooktop with Mirrored Surface

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Mine acted exactly the same way.
We would be watching TV and the thing would start beeping and show an error msg even though it was turned off and locked.

I was able to keep it working (for a while) by really scrubbing the touch pad, but unlike induction the whole top surface of a radiant cook top gets hot and grease or whatever can get on the touch pad, Not as likely with induction.

If you don't get help SOON from Thermador, send them the link to one of your posts about the problem.

I think it was a Viking Fridge that was giving a poster here in GW fits, and Viking was stalling and not offering much help.

Per my suggestion, He emailed the link about the problem to Viking.

He had a brand new fridge in a couple or days, (over the weekend) as I recall, sent email Friday, new Fridge there Monday or Tuesday!!!


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Thank you, thank you, thank you Gary, Cheryl, and 2LittleFishies for your thoughts and expertise on this! I cleaned the touch pad repeatedly, then worried that I cleaned it too much. I also learned that the Lemon Law in Colorado doesn't apply to appliances, but there is another law that may protect consumers that I could've used.

You are so right, Gary, about using the internet to let manufacturers know about problems! I posted a note on Thermador's Facebook page yesterday afternoon. It was so easy to do, and I got a message from BSH (Thermador's manufacturer) within and hour, a phone call an hour after that, and a follow-up phone call in another hour saying they agreed to replace the cooktop. Finally!!!! Surprisingly, they told me that their Customer Service and Replacements departments were right to continue to try to service this lemon.

I had names and email addresses for (and was prepared to send emails to) the CEO, the Director of Customer Support, the Director of Business Excellence, the Midwestern Service Manager, etc. My email would've included links to the Gardenweb threads and links to video of the cooktop malfunctioning. Fortunately, I didn't need to write the letters, but I'd recommend that strategy next for anyone in a similar situation.

Thanks again for your suggestions-

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Hurray! I hope you get a working replacement soon. I love my cooktop. I'm sure you will too.


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I just bought and installed 30" mirrored cooktop from Thermador and have the same problem as you had with yours.
An error "EE" flashes on all element displays and the cooktop doesn't react to any commands.
I'll contact Thermador on Monday and will ask for a servicing but reading your e-mail I'm not very optimistic about the result.

Would you please share names and contact details of the top management you collected to whom you wanted to send e-mails? If you would like to keep it private you can send it to

How is your replacement cooktop functioning? Do you have any problems with the new cooktop?


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I just ordered the mirrored Thermodor 30" induction cooktop. Please let us know if the replacement fixes the problem.


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The replacement is working just fine.

Taranjka, you'll find much more discussion on my situation and the final resolution in the kitchens forum, linked below. Let me know how it goes and if you need more info.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchens forum discussion on Thermador mirrored cooktop

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Wondering if the problems have been solved? Is everyone happy with their Thermador induction? Also, does the mirrored induction scratch easily?

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We purchased Thermador's mirror finish induction cooktop and have been absolutely delighted with it; we haven't had any problems with it whatsoever. Based on our experience, we highly recommend it and give it a 5 star rating.

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I don't have a mirrored one. I have the all-black 36-inch induction cooktop. It was installed in 2008. The first 3 years or so, I had no problems. After that, I've had each of the magnetic coils beneath the sides replaced as they either stopped working or started producing error codes. In the past year or so, the control panel periodically does not respond. The board for the control panel was replaced too but the hasn't fixed the problem. This happens at least once a week. Sometimes only one hob responds, Sometimes none. I have a Max Burton plug-in unit (the one recommended by the induction site) just in case I can't get it to work at all. It's pretty random and it continues to happen after all magnetic coils and the control panel were replaced. It's really frustrating. The few tricks that I know are
1. Make sure cooktop is completely clean of all spots/spatters.
2. Remove all items on cooktop. Turn off. then try again. (Nuisance if you've got a few pans in the middle of dinner preps!)
3. Turn off at circuit breaker. (I usually wait at least a minute before turning back on.)
4. Try the powerboost setting to finish your meal prep. Sometimes it works when the other controls don't and you are stuck trying to finish making something. Not ideal if you need low heat but might work.

It's driving me crazy and while I used to love it, I hate it now. There's a chance that gas lines will be installed in my neighborhood soon so I'm holding off on making any changes for now.

For anyone with a new unit, keep track of your original invoice and review the warranty. Some of the service techs were not entirely sure if the replacement was covered and having those docs was really important.


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