Calling All Miele Speed Oven Owners.

sprtphntcJuly 25, 2012

hi all,

was wondering what u used to clean the glass tray on the bottom of the oven. i am finding it a little difficult to clean. the splatters are really tough to remove.

right now i am soaking it, scraping it with the razor blade they give you with the oven.

any suggestions would be most appreciated!!!!


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After 3 years of use, I ordered a new glass. After a while NOTHING will clean it...I mean nothing!! It's insane!!

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hi larsi, i was hoping you would respond. i knew you have had one for awhile.

i kind of fiigured it would come down to buying a new one. like you, we use ours all the time, multiple times a day. love the oven, not liking the glass.

how much was it? did you order thru miele?

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I ordered mine thru Miele about a year ago. I think it was about $150.00. It is already looking pretty stained, but not as bad as the last one. I know take it our more regularly, and use Easy Off, to make sure things do not get baked on permanently.

I LOVE our SpeedOven. That with our Miele 36" Induction Cooktop (and our Miele LaPerla dishwasher)...being in the kitchen is a treat, not a chore!! If you do not have induction....get it. I will NEVER touch gas again. LOVE!!

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we have the miele 36" induction cooktop and i agree with you. absolutely love it and would never go back to gas or coil electric or smooth electric. it is the best!
we also have a miele dishwasher and we love that too!!!

all three appliances are awesome!!!!

thanks again for the info!!!

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I have had the Miele speed oven for about 3 months. With hesitation, I began to get the hard to remove spots off the glass with an S.O.S. pad. Does the trick! I am having a hard time cleaning the cavity of the oven....anyone have tips on that?

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Everyone has trouble cleaning the glass tray! The manual says to boil water in the oven to lossen stuff that's burned on. It might help but isn't great. DON'T USE STEEL WOOL/SOS pads!! It will scratch the glass. I used a razor blade on my first tray and it was quick and worked. The tray broke but don't know if it had anything to do with cleaning it. One Internet site says you can use SELF CLEANING OVEN CLEANER on the glass tray but not to use regular oven cleaner. I may try that. Also don't use oven cleaner or steel wool on the metal parts inside. The inside of my oven has splats of black stuff even though I wipe it off a lot.

Others on this site recommended a silicone mar in the bottom of the glass tray to help with spills so I bought one for my new glass tray. I take it out and wipe it off when ever it gets stuff on it from cooking so it doesn't get burned on but it is a royal pain in the butt. It can go in the dishwasher.

I went to the Meile showroom demonstration and they used the glass tray to cook potatoes and veggies while cooking a chicken on the metal rack above it without a pan for the chicken. So the chicken was placed directly on the metal rack and the juices dripped down on the veggies. It was good and I'll try it but would have never thought of using the tray as a pan but that's one one the ways it's meant to be used. Also leave the glass tray in all the time even when broiling. The awful manual says to put the metal rack (they call it the Combi rack) ON the glass tray to micro broil or broil so it must be okay to leave it in all the time.

Things I've learned: for pizza use INTENSIVE heat. It has bottom heat with a fan and acts like wood oven. I also use a pizza stone and it does pizza well.
Commercial popcorn in a bag pops very well by using minute plus for two minutes. Left less than a dozen unpopped kernels in the bag.

Use the meat probe to cook meat then you don't have to figure the weight or how long to cook it. Just tell it how well done you want it cooked.

The favorites function is a joke cause of the tedious way you have to input the name of your recipe. Even the pros said they did set it for popcorn and input POP.

You tube has videos on recipes that may be useful. Miele is pushing their steam oven now and that's the appliance they use mostly for their recipes now. Like I wanted to make bread pudding so I did a search and the Meile site only had a recipe using the steam oven. I find I have to take a recipe and guess how to best cook it which is maddening however it usually works out okay. I would love an after market cookbook.

I love my Meile induction cooktp (no guessing required) and the dishwasher (very quite but unclear about salt usage). The manuals are a BAD JOKE!!!

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Thanks for your excellent post.

Re: the metal "combi rack": There was a change in this metal rack a couple of years ago. The metal rack now (since ~2010) is larger than before, and it is no longer recommended to leave it in during microwaving.

Previously, the metal rack was smaller, almost like a small rack you would cool cookies on, and it did fit inside the depression of the glass tray. The new, larger, metal rack fits in the grooves along the sides of the oven. The current manuals have been changed, but older manuals, and several recipes, still refer to the older smaller metal racks.

A readable aftermarket Miele speed oven manual would be a wondrous thing.

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thanks for the great had lots of good info!!

whats a silicone mar, is it the same as a silpat mat??

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