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PurplemoonDecember 8, 2010

NanaK, and any others,who aren't familiar with FF pieces,

check out their online Outlet. I spend lots of time there browsing...and drooling...over the many beautiful things.

The detail and painting on their dishes, figurines, etc is so wonderful. All price ranges of things. I'm wild about some of those reindeer, but would need rob a bank to get them. LOL.

I check this outlet often, and of course eBay. I've found some good things on too.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: FF online outlet

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Oh Karen, the Winter Garden Santa on Horse is Beautiful! It would be wonderful with your horse collection. I can see some of the bunnies that would be nice with your collections too. No wonder you like to hang out

I buy my F & F at Dillards in the mall when they are on sale. I told you I had F & F to share but my other plates are Christopher Radko that I will be using in my next scape.


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I'm with you Karen...I love this site and check it every now and then too. My favorite is their Easter Collection.
I was in TJM last yr, and a woman was raving over a Santa Figurine she was buying for a fraction of the price she saw it listed for. What a lucky find for her.


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Punk, after I posted, I found that the Winter Garden Santa on horse (with bunnies!!!) was on SALE. I've wanted that piece, but the price stopped me. Well not tonight. I ordered it and am so thrilled.
Also that large cardinal platter with the saying on it!

This must be my day to spend money, LOL. I finally got out of the house for the first time in a long time, and did something FUN. Thanks to my oldest son and grandson taking Dad out for the afternoon, I got to spend a couple of hours with a friend at the big antique mall I love.
And I made a haul there! LOL. I'll take photos tomorrow.
But someone must've told them I was coming, you wouldn't believe how many dealers had Nutcrackers! I probably saw close to a hundred there. (remember, its a huge antique place, 500 dealers). Anyway, I came home with three more Nutcrackers!! ;o) Wooo hooo. And a fabulous, big, light purple hurricane! Plus a Lenox Santa I've wanted but was too high (on eBay) for me the past two years.

I was so excited with all my new finds, then to score this Santa tonight....well what a day I've had. LOL.
Christmas keeps coming early for me!

hugs, Karen

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Whoopie, purplemoon! Sounds like a winner of a day! Great news!

As for looking at the F&F site, I clicked on it...& then decided I needed to stay away! LOL! You Enabler R Us! I don't own a one (yet)! LOL! Jeanne S. Congrats on your "find" there tonight!

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Karen, I'm thrilled that you are finally getting some of the things you've wanted for so long. It's all about attitude, girlfriend! I noticed the cardinal platter too. It has the neatest saying on it.

Your girlfriend must like shopping as much as you do. I would love going to that mall with you. If I didn't work so much I'm sure my home would be so over loaded.haha

Have you seen the nutcracker candle holders at Costco this year? I just seen them and they are adorable. I didn't buy them but might if they are there the next time I run They are bright red with lots of gold and superior quality.

How's your DD doing? Sounds like he's so much better if he went out for the afternoon.

Jane, I bet your favorites are in the Easter section. They remind me of your tables. I'm also looking at bunnies I would of never noticed before.

Jeanne, come on and join the fun! It's only money and we can't take it with

They have the cutest s & p shakers, don't they? My snowman and santa plates are on sale I noticed for $9.99 ea now. Funny that they don't show them with the mugs like my sets.

PM, I will be back tomorrow to share in the JOY of your new goodies. Before I came here, I didn' really care for Nutcrackers!!! I only owned the large one on a horse from Costco that DS bought me years ago. I best get off here and get to bed. We are having storm warnings and only one lane of traffic open due to freezing fog tonight. Makes me wish I could call in Sick!


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The only F&F items I have are Easter. I did see JC Penney is having a sale on F&F.


Here is a link that might be useful: JCP F&F sale

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Okay, you ENABLERS--just stop it right now! You know we can't help but click on those links and then get sorely tempted by all those cute things! LOL

I did see a snowman dish that I found at a TS on there. Used to be $24 now $9.99, I paid $1.99! WaHoo!

The cookie jars are so gorgeous. Love the snowman with the redbird one on the Penny's site. I just don't have the counter space for more, so I'll just look and enjoy seeing all the pretties. ;o)


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Punk, my friend does love the antique mall and we go every few months.
My dad is doing ok. He sleeps so much, and seems to get more frail each day. He can't stand up at all, and
its more difficult for me to lift him in and out of wheelchair now. I'm glad he could get out with my oldest son and grandson. Such a nice change for him! Tho it did exhaust him terribly.

Jeanne, how can you NOT look at the FF things? LOL.

Kath, were you able to check up on Candy? Its been so darn long since she was here. I'm worried about her.

hugs, Karen

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Karen, thanks for the link. I loved looking at all the F&F treasures.

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I sent Candy an email earlier this week letting her know she was being missed. I have not received a response. If I don't hear from her this weekend I will try calling her. I know we have been having beautiful weather here and she is an avid golfer but I feel sure she would stop in with her holiday decorating!


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