some of my Christmas decor done

PurplemoonDecember 2, 2011

I am finally thru sorting bins! Wooo Hooo. I have put the unused stuff back in storage shed, and have the one BIG bin and a box of stuff to donate. Now just have to finish deciding on ornaments and picks to use on swags, and do more garland ...and tweak stuff already put out.

Still plenty of work, darn it.

Don't shoot me, but I loaded 39 photos of my Christmas stuff today. And I'm not done decorating. LOL.

Needless to say, this many photos are in my Photobucket album rather than on here. I put descriptions under each photo, tho not sure if they show in the slideshow.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Christmas decorations

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Karen, thanks for the beautiful show. I went through them twice and enjoyed all of it. You should be tired after all of this. I'm surprised you can even stand! I loved seeing the fresh pines.

I'm ready to see more when you get them loaded. You have so many beautiful things. I was just ready to get up and go do dishes when I noticed your post. I'll go now and hope your still loading when I'm finished!!!LOL


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No more photos for a few days, Punk. I have to finish the swags and garlands, and the family-room well other things I've forgotten or am too blasted tired to remember at the moment. I have no stamina these days, and resemble a turtle instead of a hare. Darn it.

Glad you enjoyed what's done, nice to hear someone does.
Mr O. hasn't said ONE word about it, and he won't! He never does say anything, so I should be use to it. :o(
But my Dad sure did love them and talked about them every year, so I felt real good about my efforts. Having them met with 'silence' is not very inspiring at all.
Whenever my DD and my DDIL come over, then it'll seem better. Meanwhile, guess its just me and Trouble. ;o) (even the other 3 cats don't care, must be Mr O's influence since they hang out with him most of the time.)

hugs, Karen

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Karen, everything looks great, and like Punk, I went through twice. (the slideshow was too fast so I had to go one pic at a time to take it all in.)

I have to say that I think both your nutcracker and your deer collection has grown since last year! The small nutcrackers on the swag are so great with the big ones below.

And your village inside that huge cabinet is just awesome! I'd want to sit down on the floor and just take it all in!

The other thing that really caught my eye was all the pretty cardinal items on your shelf unit. They look so pretty.

All of it looks very impressive, and I really enjoyed the picture tour.


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Oh my stars!!
You have been verrrry busy. You have a beautiful home and all of your hard work shines through in tons.
I watched it twice as well just to be sure I didn't miss anything. :)
Go forth and REST, and enjoy all that you've accomplished already.

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Thank you, MM and Luvs. If I didn't have my Forum friends, I doubt I'd have decorated this year. It was good for me to do so, and once I got started I got more into the "Christmas Spirit" that was missing.

Luvs, those are the same Nutcrackers, deer, and cardinals, I had last year! Now if only I didn't feel the urge to add more in the future. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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WOW, Karen. How do you do it all? It is wonderful.
I'm sorry that your DH doesn't notice what you do.
I know that your Dad is smiling down on you and enjoying what you've done so far.
now put your feet up and rest a bit.
Oh did I say that your home looks like a winter wonder land?

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Is there a way to enlarge each photo?
I use a small notebook size laptop and it is hard to see on my screen when the picture is only about 2" x 3".
It displays the slide show, and so there is a lot of black around it and the thumbnails at the bottom, and the pictures are quite small. Since I am tech challenged, I don't know how to enlarge them.
Any advice? Anyone? Buehler? Anyone?? LOL

Anyway, what I could see was amazing!


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I'll be back to comment later...Purplemoon, I am in AWE! Jeanne S.

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Karen,You have really outdone yourself. Everything is simply beautiful. You are really great at making arangements with your florals, not to mention the lovely vignets. I love your cabinets, and I especially love the one with your villages. I could spend hours just walking through your house trying not to miss anything.Even though your Dh doesn't comment on your decorating talents, I am sure he would miss them if you didn't do it. Your forum friends are allways excited to see your posts.We think you re the greatest. We would surely miss you if you quit--- keep inspiring us, we (I) need you. Janet

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Thanks Everyone, I'm so glad you liked what I did. (Janet, I would never quit, tho I did let a lot of holiday decorating slack off this year from my 'normal'. As for DH missing it, LOL, no such luck. He'd be happy to have the kitchen counter bare tho.)

Candy, I rarely size down pictures unless I'm embedding them in the post and they are big. I am sorry to hear you couldn't see them well on your laptop. I don't know anything about those things yet, even tho I recently bought one, but mine has a big screen.

You guys are BEST cheering squad ever!
hugs, Karen

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Marlene Kindred

I am speechless! Wow. So many beautiful things. I feel guilty now....I'm scaling back this year because I just don't feel like putting so much effort into things and here you are with everything looking so wonderful. Beautiful Karen!

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Oh, I am lovin' going thru your album, PM! This cabinet is so unique in shape & love the wood ...but your display close-up here is fabulous! Just so pretty!

And, of course, you know, this tea cart vignette would be one of my favs! Love the cloche & all the deer & just all of it!~~~~ ok, I'll quit putting your pics in here! I'll just keep on enjoying for the next hour or so!

So much work, Karen! You did a fabulous job! Jeanne S.

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Ohhh, one more, sorry! Real pines & rafia added to this beautiful collection of yours! So elegant, PM! Jeanne S.

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Wonderful 'old Santa' print that you printed & framed in that GW find! & your 'bay window' ...oh, what a collection of nutcrackers & so much fun to see them all displayed! AWESOME, PM! Jeanne S.
ok...I'm done for a bit!
Watching 'Gnomeo & Juliet' w/gr'kids!

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Jeanne, you sure had me smiling with all your posts and comments. LOL. I needed that today, mental and physical meltdown. Just didn't feel like doing a single thing, so I didn't. Kind of napped most all day, felt like a Zombie.

Marlene, I really did cut back a lot as I just didn't have "what it takes" to do what I usually do. Besides not getting out the three 6 ft trees, I didn't put garland on several of my china cabinet tops. And I STILL haven't finished the family-room mantel or done any swags. Several things still need ornaments added too. I didn't realize what a huge job unpacking and sorting EVERYTHING was going to be....I tend to forget how much I have. LOL. Right now I've got to decide what ornaments to use, without those larger trees I have a lot and I do love them. I had wanted to hang a BIG wreath over family-room mantel (where Jason's portrait is) and load it with ornaments. But I just don't think I can afterall. I usually have a wreath there, or last year put a mirror there and garland around it...this time "Jas may stay thru-out Christmas". LOL. I can always drape garland around his portrait I guess.

Maybe I just need a few days break, the past one has been so busy and hard physically. (do those Energy drinks work?
LOL. Athletes seem to think so.)

It would awfully nice if Janie would load the bus with elves and come help too.
hugs, Karen

hugs, Karen

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Karen, Came back to enjoy all your beautiful decorations again. So glad Jeanne enlarged some of them.Love your little sign above.

Candy, if you click on the pictures in PM's album it should enlarge them for you. Hope this helps.

I ended up working today and feel like more than my Tinsel is in a Tangle! I decided to dig out some more Christmas decor tonight but am really to tired to care. It was nice seeing a few new things but looked like to much work for me. Hope to get my tree up tomorrow and add a few things inside. Maybe a few more lights outside too.


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