Duel fuel or all gas??? Capital, blue star, ilve, American range?

trstJuly 12, 2013

I currently have an all gas range and I absolutely hate it. It is not at all adequate for baking - it wasn't expensive however about $1,000.

So, there seem to be some nice things with some of the all gas ranges that I can't get with duel fuel, and yet I am scared to buy another all gas range.

What I want....duel fuel if I can, open burners, rotisserie, convection, cast iron grates - don't really want any enameling if possible.

From what I have read so far open burners seem better for control - they are more fun to cook with and I will feel more like a real chef. How critical is this?

I had a rotisserie in a previous oven (not in the US) and loved it.

I saw that capital was going to make something that had most of my wish list in the connoisseurian. I don't see evidence it was ever made???

The ilve has a lot of the features that I want but a really small oven? Anybody have one that would like to comment? I have made turkeys in small European oven when I lived there. It wasn't ideal but it is once a year and I don't often host thanksgiving here. How is it for the other 364 days. Still too small?

Could I bake a souffle or a finicky cake in an all gas capital range? I don't have space for an additional wall oven.

How big of problems do the blue stars have? It seems to me they are either awesome or terrible? I am kind of trepid with what I have read?

I don't like it that wolf is owned by sub-zero. I have wanted one for decades and yet now I really haven't considered it. Should I?

I am considering capital, blue star, ilve, Verona, bertazzoni, wolf, American range...30" free standing. Advice please? Others I should consider. I am very anti - made-in-china.

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There is a difference in evenness in the oven of a $1k gas range and a good $4.5k range.

I don't think there is a meaningful difference in the baking ability of the Capital gas oven and the typical electric even in pro-style range.

The Wolf electric oven is atypical. You can bake three full racks and have consistent results. But the burners are not so great. Mediocre in this class.

Can a Culinarian oven make a soufflé?

See link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Souffle in a Culinarian Video

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