Problems with PSPX3

roseluverMarch 20, 2011

I am having several problems with X3 but the main issue is with my pictures. Instead of pictures there is a picture of a camera or if it is a PSP7 picture that logo is there...I want to see my pictures instead of having to click on each one for it to open....please tell me there is help out there.

Many thanks


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On my pc when I open pictures they often show the icon for irfanview and that was annoying until I learned how to change it. Open your pictures and check the icons on the top right. There is one that looks like 6 little boxes, the down arrow will say more options. Push the slider up to medium or large icons.

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I have done that, all I get is a picture of a larger or smaller camera!!

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Does anyone have a link to X3 forums? I have googled with no success. Thanks

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Use the link below, it lists over 3 million hits.

Here is a link that might be useful: Painy Shop Pro forums

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Check out the link below - it has a tutorial for pspimage thumbnail preview. It is for Windows 7.

I just installed PSPX3 this week - and I have no issue with the thumbnails.

Hopefully you can find something on this guys blog.

I have found a wealth of info by googling "Paint Shop Pro X3 tutorials" - use the quotes when you search. Lots of video tutorials!

Here is a link that might be useful: PSP X3 blog

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