Should I combine my pantry and laundry? Help!

laurajane02June 17, 2012

Hi there,

I desperately need some help with my pantry and laundry room plans. In the construction drawings, my pantry is 4 ft wide and 9 ft long. My laundry room is 9ftx10ft. I'd like to fit an upright freezer in my pantry. Here's the original plan:

They are going to start framing the main level tomorrow. It occurred to me today as I walked through the house that maybe I should omit the wall dividing the laundry and pantry. Here's an idea of what I think that would look like:

So, this is what I don't know:

1. Is this a good idea?

2. Where should I put my W/D? Stack them along wall A? Under the counter along wall B? I really don't know.

3. Is the pocket door a good idea? In a good location?

4. Am I trying to squish too much cabinetry into this room?

5. Should I omit, move, or change the size of any windows?

See, I need help! haha

Here's our current progress. The closest corner is where the laundry will be. (fwiw, I will have a second laundry in the basement)

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If it were me, I think I'd think about moving the sink to the corner (of wall B/C, but in original plan). You'd lose the window in my plan...

Then, I'd put the freezer where the window/sink was.

I think, if you remove the wall, you will end up with less room for pantry storage. Just MO.

But, your pantry doesn't have the room for the freezer (or the ventilation, probably). The freezer should go in the laundry/utility room.

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Otherwise, is there a way to relocate your laundry chute to opposite the laundry door (over by the machines)?

If so, wall A is a candidate for your freezer location without losing the window or moving the sink. (still in original plan)

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Kirkhall ~ Thanks for the feedback, you're always so helpful!

I would say that the laundry chute could be located anywhere above the laundry room, however, if we move it at all towards wall C, it will be in a "Low headroom" area above. I haven't actually placed the w/d on my diagram yet though, and because we don't have plumbing, they could go anywhere.

Before placing the freezer in the original plan, I would have definitely checked with HVAC to ensure proper ventilation.

And I thought that I would gain storage by removing the wall! With the original plan, I would have had 12-18" deep shelving along one wall. With the new plan, I can have large pantry units with pullout drawers.

Regarding the cabinetry in the new plan, I'm not sure what I should do with the corners. I think that some of them may just be dead space, depending on where I put the W/D.

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I like the sink, washer and dryer as they are in the original plan...but what if you take down the wall and put in a corner pantry, in the top right corner? Then a cabinet (with countertop) and upper cabinet between the corner pantry and freezer? The freezer would slide down to your lower pantry space.

I'd also move the one door to the left a bit, so you can easily open the freezer, without blocking the door...and move the cleaning closet to the left. I think the pocket door is a good idea :)

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I think the difference then, is in what kind of shelving you plan to have in your pantry. I would have done as drawn--have shelves all the way around in your pantry that weren't as deep as you describe. If you are wanting deep pantry shelves (and make sure you do), then your, or Lavender's ideas are good ones.

Here is one thing to consider... If you are going to walk to your pantry space through that laundry door (which is further than your current pantry door from the kitchen), then I think I might instead consider making your pantry in it's same shape (with wall) but have the door in the center on the laundry wall. Then, you'll have the full back wall of shelving as well as the 2 end walls of the pantry, at a minimum.

If you can put your laundry chute across from the laundry door (in a knee wall above, so long as it is still convenient upstairs), that is the direction I'd go with it.

And, freezer on wall A.

I have a corner pantry, and like it. It would work as Lavendar suggests. But, you have more space than I have. And, there might be a better solution yet.

Wonder if you can catch Bevangel's or mydreamhome's attention.

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Pull out shelves in the pantry on walls C/D is going to be difficult because there will be only a small space to stand in before backing into the countertop on wall C.

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I would move the laundry chute to the other side of the sink in the original drawing and place the freezer there. Have the laundry fall down the chute into the upper cabinet to the right of the sink. Or delete the chute altogether.

Out of curiosity (I'm thinking along a different line here) where are your stairs? It looks like they may be by the front door--where do they back up to? Can you post a pic of the full floor plan?

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Lavender lass and kirkhall ~ Thanks for the advice. I put together a new version today using your suggestions. I'm sure it could still use some tweaking though.

dekeoboe ~ I agree, so I've scrapped that idea

mydreamhome ~ I don't think I can move the laundry chute to wall C because of a headroom issue in the floor above. I'll post pics of our full plan if it helps!

New version of floorplan. Is this better?

Main floor:

Loft level:

As you can see from my previous photo, the posts and beams are set, but I can still move some walls, and change windows+doors.

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I forgot to add, I'd like to have room for some pullout baskets for dirty laundry. Should I still consider a corner sink so that the wall next to the chute would have room for those pullouts?

Also, how would I benefit from eliminating the laundry chute?

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One question on your laundry chute as drawn in this newest plan... how would you access it? I'm concerned it would be difficult to get to/remove clothes from.

Given that freezers and laundry machines are deep; I think I'd consider moving the freezer to opposite the doorway and near the pantry on Wall c.

You can put your pullouts on the wall opposite C (I've lost track; A, I think).

Or, your idea of having them at wall B would be good too, if you can move the sink.

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I imagined that the laundry chute would end at the height of the counter. In the newest plan, I would be able to access it along wall B (near the sink). I'd have a door of sorts at the bottom of the chute so that the dirty laundry would stay inside, and not automatically fall onto the counter. That's what I've had in mind anyway.

Do you think the windows are limiting my plans too much? They started framing the main floor today, so I still have a few days to decide (and of course, they can change them later but that would be more trouble). I think that the current window placement would make it tricky to move the freezer to the opposite wall.

The sink can still go anywhere, as we have no plumbing yet. I'm starting the think that the corner may be a good place, with a 24" sink base.

I really appreciate all the feedback! Thanks!

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Is the laundry chute located in 'unfinished storage' as noted on the second floor plan or did you all change that to finished space? I thought it was located in a bathroom, but according to the plan, that is not so. If it is to be finished space, what is that room?

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Anybody else thinking she should swap the pantry and laundry sides of the room?

Then, you could have your chute drop from an accessible spot upstairs too... You won't really be walking any further to get to the pantry.

You might loose a window, but not necessarily.

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mydreamhome ~ We'll definitely lay a floor in the area noted as "unfinished storage". Honestly, the purpose for that room is an entry point for the fireman's pole, otherwise, it would probably just be a storage closet.

kirkhall ~ Are you thinking that I should switch the pantry and laundry so that the cute drops from the bathroom? That would make more sense.

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Do you drip dry any clothes? If so, where do you intend to have a clothes rod?

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Yes. My thought exactly. Then, you can have a chute from the bathroom upstairs. Additionally, you can have the chute end right over (or very near) the washer (if you move the washer to the kitchen wall).

Consider this:
washer, dryer and freezer all on the kitchen wall.
Pantry on left wall (B)

And, folding counter, etc on wall C.

Wall A can be expanded pantry (or part of a corner pantry), or is where you can put your cabinetry for tall storage.

You would likely either lose the window on wall B, or it would have to move... "up" toward wall C (top).

Or, you could have a more open pantry concept--keep your window, and put cabinetry in. But, that will be more expensive since cabinetry is more expensive than some shelves.

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Although, if you are going to be carrying laundry via a basket to the chute... maybe you don't want it via the bathroom since that door (into the bathroom) is smaller than the door to the firepole entrance.

But, I don't think I'd want to have to go clear to the end of the firepole entrance room to get to the chute either.

Maybe a compromise, to keep your window (I had to get rid of windows):

Move your chute closer to the door rather than having it in the far corner.

Having cabinetry/chute entry near the door of your laundry room will also help to make that feel a little less claustrophobic upon entering that room than having a 3'deep freezer or a 2'deep, tall storage cabinet there.

Maybe it looks like this when you enter, going clockwise (I know, I am throwing a lot of ideas out there, but you have a lot of space!)

from door, left along wall A:
chute above, cabinet/counter below
tall closet storage at far corner of wall A and B
open under the window (so this room would kind of be galley style)
sink in corner of wall B/C (again, straight counter)
then washer/dryer in your preferred order
then Freezer (opposite entry door)

u-shape walk in pantry as you drew per my other suggestion above.

You get to keep the window on the left wall.

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Thanks for all the comments! I've come up with a couple of options which I think are much better than where I started. I've really considered all of your recommendations.

I think that DH and I prefer this plan. Although we lose a window, our laundry chute is in a much more convenient location.

This is another option.

dekeoboe~ That is a good point. I still need to consider where a small drying rack could go. I don't dry entire loads, but I do dry certain items.

Anyway, I'm curious if any of you have more thoughts on this. Already, you have helped me so much!

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What is out your back window (on the washer/dryer side?) Is your washer dryer location fixed?

I ask because, it might be nicer to fold clothes looking out the window rather than folding clothes looking at the wall. I like your option 1, except, I might move the W/D to the kitchen wall, if it is an option to do so, and have my folding counter be under the window.

I like both of these plans, and I think they both work for space. Just whichever works best for you, now.

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kirkhall ~ I'm glad you like it! No, w/d locations are not fixed at all, so I'll definitely consider putting them on the other wall. I'm planning to install countertop over the w/d, so I think I could fold along either wall.

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