Green house - need help choosing paint

samanaJune 5, 2012

We're trying to choose an exterior color and we're having trouble. We're pretty sure we want to go with a green, but that's about it. We're in a very wooded area, no houses nearby. The house has a pretty simple design, Hardi-plank, natural stone veneer on parts, and will have a deck.

Here are the latest three options we are considering (ignore the two small paint samples to the far right). We don't want white trim. Instead we want to go with a shade darker than the walls. The middle sample is kind of what this would look like. We were thinking the left and right ones are too blue given the stone, but I just don't know if the middle shade is too light.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, or even another suggestion if you know of a good green shade that works well for the outside.

Thank you!

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I personally like the middle one, with its slight yellow undertones. The others have blue undertones, which are nice, but not my favorite. :)

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I agree with minn. Not too sure about your plan to do a darker version for the trim. I think brown or something more of a contrast.

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Personally, I don't care for any of the greens with your stone.

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I have to agree with Chispa, I just don't see any of the greens you've chosen going all that well with your stone. In fact, I'm not sure that there are many greens that would least not the way your stone looks on my computer screen.

I think you'd do better to try to pick a paint color that already exists somewhere within the stone. If you do that, I think you'll find that the paint blends better with the stone.

In your stone, I see all sorts of greys, yellows, and browns, some oranges, some blues, and even some reds, pinks, and purples. The one color that seems to be missing almost entirely is green. The closest I can find is a deep taupe shade that has a greenish tinge.

Try this - take one of the pictures you posted and copy and paste it into "Paint" on your computer. Then, click on the view button and under that menu find the "custom zoom" option that lets you zoom up to 800% magnification. This will let you see the individual pixels that make up the images of the stone and you can see the colors in the stone.

You can use the eyedropper to pick up individual colors and, on the edge of the picture, paint a large square with each color that you like so that you have a color patch large enough to try and match a color chip to.

Here is a sample of showing some of the colors I found existing in your stone. As you can see, I didn't find much green. Just the taupey green on the bottom left and the deep olive green next to it. But all of these colors are very natural "earthy tones" that you see used as house paint colors all the time.

Picking just the right paint color can be so hard! Good luck with it.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I agree that none of these greens do it for me.

Your stone looks very similar to ours. Our siding is vinyl, but it might give you an idea for color.

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Bevangel, I really appreciate the time you spent. I guess we had thought we could find a green that would complement the stone and come up with a pretty natural palette. It is ironic that you mention the taupy green. We saw a house that looked kind of greenish, with dark trim, and when we asked about the color it turned out to be Sawdust by SW. It was also in a wooded area, so I guess it picked up the greens. So perhaps we will turn in that direction.

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I've still got my SW paint palette strips - LOL! - so I took a look at SW Sawdust and, to me, that looks like a definite possibility to go with your stone!

While SW Sawdust doesn't happen to be one of the colors I pulled out of your stone in my previous post, the next lighter color on the same paint strip (the SW-23 strip) is SW Favorite Tan, and on my computer at least, SW Favorite Tan is an almost exact match to the color on the far left of the top strip above. And the darkest color on the SW-23 strip, Best Bronze, is slightly lighter but otherwise identical to the 5th block from the left in the top row of my colors. My bet is Sawdust would blend beautifully with your stone.

It's interesting that Sherwin Williams identifies Sawdust as being in the "green family" but identifies Favorite Tan and Best Bronze as being "warm neutrals." I'd have considered Sawdust a warm neutral also but I can definitely see how it might take on a greenish cast if painted on a house set in the woods. You would be getting a lot of green reflecting off the house from the nearby trees and that would intensify its slight greenish undertones.

I'd definitely spring for a sample pot of Sawdust and maybe Best Bronze and see how those look with your stone. Post a picture if you do.

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Samana,I know this forum is from a year ago, but would you mind sharing what kind of stone you used on your home? Thank you. Hope you ended up loving your final color choice of paint. :)

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We have a lot of stone work around our house, and while our house is mostly white cedar, where we do use a color on the exterior it is BM Hampshire Grey. It is a green color IMHO, despite the name.

Here is a link that might be useful: here is an example on our front door

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Vedhei, sure, no problem.

We are in Charlottesville, VA and we used local rock from a company in town. Amazingly, it was less expensive than the cultured stone like El Dorado. The company is Charles Luck Stone and it is a thin stone, which can be applied on walls. Here are their current offerings:

And we do love the color. We finally went with SW Sawdust, with accents in High Tea and Best Bronze.

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Your colors sound wonderful, samana! Can you post a picture of the final outcome?

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