Spider Solitare

goldyMarch 18, 2013

Anyone know a simple good free download for spider solitare.Need This to relax after working with window 8 all day.I had a good one with window 7 but I can't remember how I got it.

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Goldy ~ In Win. 7...Click on "Start" > "All Programs" and scroll through the list. "Games" should be about halfway down the list.
Click on "Games" and Spider Solitaire will be listed therein. As a matter of fact, I was on my way there when I saw your question.



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Anne I have window 8.I know the game in window7.I played it for years.There is no solitare in window 8.I had to give up a lot of good stuff when I swicthed over.

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Sorry, Goldy. I didn't realize your were using Win 8. Try the download at the Cnet link below. And...if that doesn't meet your needs...just enter "Spider Solitaire" at Google and you should see a wide selection.



Here is a link that might be useful: Spider Solitaire

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Gotta be super careful downloading those card games cause they'll load you up with unwanted stuff - toolbars etc. Just downloading may result in babylon and funmode being installed. Before you even start the game installation. !!!!!

I hated the W7 games so transferred the XP games to W7 this way which should work for 7 to 8:

find a friend with XP or 7 if you don't have one yersef.

Contol panel > folder options > check 'show hidden folders'

navigate to C:\Windows\System32

Copy the following files to a USB memory stick, or CD (whatever means you have to move files):

Create a Desktop Folder and paste all that into that folder

(do not put it in the Windows\system32 folder)

Launch the games from there or make a desktop shortcut.

Uncheck 'show hidden folders'

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Got my game on.Thanks again .

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goldy, thanks for posting this. I have also moved from XP to Win 8 and missed my plain ordinary games. Who needs blling to play solitare?

mxplx, thanks for posting a detailed solution!

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