Non-Textured Alcove Tub

MercerMAugust 26, 2013

Hi. I need a 60 x32 alcove tub that I can use for 2 purposes: (1) to take a nice, deep bath in (a soaking tub), and (2) to take a shower.

I really do not like the textured, non-slip bottoms on most alcove tubs: I think they are uncomfortable for bathing and I don't want the extra hassle of special cleaning required for these tubs.

Does anyone know of a deep alcove tub with 3 wall integral tile flange that does NOT have a textured (non-slip) bottom? If it does not have an integral apron/skirt (which would allow me to build a wall to tile the front) so much the better. Thank you so much!

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Mercer - Sorry, I don't have a specific tub recommendation... I too didn't want texture on either my bathtub or acrylic shower pan. I ended up with a Neptune tub (not an alcove) and Maax shower, neither with a textured bottom, by working with a real sweetheart at a local bath showroom.

Unless they mention texture as a feature it was nearly impossible to determine from a manufacturer's web pictures or text description. The showroom sells quite a few brands but she knew right away which model lines were likely to have what I wanted. Then she called the manufacturer's vendor support line to confirm the specific tub and shower I chose were texture free. Luckily she met or beat the on line pricing I found - without my asking for a special deal!

A long way of saying your best bet is to find a helpful salesperson at an independent bath showroom. I found the sales people at one of the regional chains weren't as knowledgeable...
and of course, you'll never get that level of service at a big box.

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We had the exact same issue and decided on a Duravit acrylic tub. They are excellent quality and we found one pretty close to the size of our old cast iron tub. We wanted a smooth bottom and one that can be adjusted to the original 17 3/4 height.
Check the Duravit website and write to me if you want more information. We did a ton of research before making our decision on a tub.

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Check out the tubs in the small bathtub category I have provide a link for especially the Japanese inspired free standing bathtub that has a built in seat. They do not have a non slip surface. Although they do not have a shower the faucet that is included has a shower wand

Here is a link that might be useful: bathtubsfactorydirect

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DD2 has a tub in her master bath that meets your criteria. While it does not have a front, there is a model that does have one. It was purchased via Home Depot online. Name/Source information is located at the bottom (linked below). Her tub has jets but you can get w/o.

We have an Ann Sack's Onzen tub (deep, square) for soaking. It has built in seats, and you're able to soak up to your neck. They still carry it, but have changed the name. Ours has jets, but you can order without.

Here is a link that might be useful: DD2 MBath Remodel

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Just curious about the no-slip texture in the tub.

I agree that it is not the best look and can feel uncomfortable while sitting. But with a shower-over-tub, doesn't safety trump aesthetics? How are you protecting the person taking a shower from slipping and falling?

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Thanks, everyone for your replies. The soaking tubs look great, but I'm limited to the 60 x 32 dimension for my tub.

Regarding safety: Yes safety does trump aesthetics - and that's another reason I want a non-textured tub. Sound contradictory?

Well, I've read that "textured" tubs (and I've tried one myself) can still be very slippery despite the factory-applied texture. And the texturing does not allow a bath mat to stick to the surface. Bath mats seem to provide more traction than an integral texture. So, with my "non-textured" tub, I will use a bath mat for safety.

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Did you click on my link to see DD2's tub?

American Standard 5â² Evolution Deep Soak EverClean Comfort Jet Whirlpool

Comes w/o jets also. Several sizes and sides/panels choices.

Here is a link that might be useful: DD2 MBath Remodel

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Thanks, Allison. Your daughter's bathroom is beautiful! Love how the tub looks in her bathroom.

Maybe I'm being too picky but I was looking for a non-textured tub with straighter lines.

Thanks so much for the tip, though. I appreciate your taking the time to reply.

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Hi there!!

Alcove makes a great one called Petunia. It is a 60x32, and it is like sitting in a Cadillac! It has really nice armrests too, and a smooth bottom.

Hope it helps!


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