Pictures of upstairs bathroom. Marble-like bathroom

zen4dAugust 11, 2012

I renovated this bath before I discovered Gardenweb but thought pics might help someone. THe tile is ceramic, but it really looks like marble.

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Wow, that is stunning! I love the shine on the tile, it glows like polished marble or stone. Very, very pretty.

I noticed you have a magnifying mirror that extends out from the wall. I want one of those but always wonder about how to place it for the best use. Where does the light come from in this room, is it a ceiling fixture? Is it good at helping highlight stray hairs at the browline?

Thanks in advance!

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I really like your tile. Do you mind sharing what it is?

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The tile is by Porcelanosa. It was installed in 2009 so I don't remember the name of the tile. Also, it is lighter than pictured, almost a creamy white almond color . I just bought Yakarta Blanco for my present renovation downstairs and did see some tiles similar if not identical to those in my upstairs bathroom.
Here is a link to Porcelanosa:

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Engineering Chic, I thought I had responded but don't see the post. All ighting is recessed and the mirror does help with stray hairs. It's positioned so that I can angle it towards the natural light of the window (best for plucking those eyebrows) or I can use it at night to reflect back on the vanity mirror. Hope that helps.

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Thanks, zen4d!

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Nice job. I am curious about the glass paneled doors, where do they lead and did you install them, and info would be helpful?

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enduring, I purchased the door from a local glass store and had them install the door. The door can open both into the shower and also out into the bathroom. The opening is on the left side, just in front of the seat.

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